Please note: EBCI’s direct patient services will be CLOSED until February 1, 2021 to allow for Year End Close work, attend to IRS regulatory requirements, and complete our Program Planning for 2021 to better serve brain tumor patients. All of EBCI’s educational programs will remain open.

If you are a patient with brain cancer or a caregiver/family member, please fill out an Advocacy & Patient Inquiry Form to receive materials of vital importance for your brain tumor journey as well as email updates on an ongoing basis. You may also want to visit our Patient Resource Center for additional information.

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful and blessed holiday season ever!

Effecting CHANGE through Immediate ACCESS

The End Brain Cancer Initiative connects brain tumor patients, caregivers and their families immediately to advanced treatments & clinical trials. Connecting to: 1) TOP Brain Tumor Neurosurgeons, Neuro-oncologists and Specialists in the U.S.; 2) Immunotherapy Vaccines; 3) 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions; 4) Genomic Profiling/DNA Sequencing; 5) MGMT and Protein Testing

CLICK HERE to fill out a Patient Inquiry Form where you can share your needs and concerns with our “Direct Connect” team.

Direct Connect Patient Services

Our focus is survivorship. Everything we do and advocate is focused on that goal.

Support and Review

We are Here to Talk and Answer Questions: It begins with a conversation. We are here for you to listen and advise you if you have been diagnosed with brain cancer. Our care coordinators standing by to take any of your questions or concerns.

Personal Review of Your Case: Review your case with the End Brain Cancer Medical Advisory board

Ongoing Review: Personal review of your case and any MRI or pathology reports

Help You Network with Others: We put patients and caregivers in touch with other families and survivors who are going through or who have gone through the same thing

Ongoing Support: We help talk with patients and caregivers about how the disease can progress and answer questions

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Making Connections

Connecting You Rapidly to Specialists and Cancer Centers: We connect patients with advanced brain tumor treatment centers and specialists. We get the patient medical records in front of other specialists to get first, second, third and fourth opinions.

Connecting you to Top Neurosurgeons: We connect patients to neurosurgeons who can and do operate even when the patient was told the tumor was inoperable.

Access to New & Promising Treatment Approaches: We provide specialists a platform to get in front of other professionals, patients, caregivers, families, etc. to talk about their research or the latest treatment they are able to offer.

Make Appointments: Make appointments and facilitate communication between local medical team and brain tumor specialists.

Insurance Help: Assist with insurance questions

Financial Advice & Resourcing: Find resources to help with financial concerns

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Inform and Empower

Informing Patients: We provide you with the latest information on Brain Tumor Research, including free publications from Chris Elliott Fund and other Brain Tumor related organizations.

Supporting Family & Caregivers: We work with your family and caregivers to inform and support them

Empowering You to Access the Best Specialists: We Provide patients and caregivers the educational materials and questions to ask of their doctors to make sure they are being seen by a top specialist as well as what to demand from their neuro-surgeon, pathologist, radiologist and neuro-oncologist/Oncologist in order to be eligible for advanced treatments, clinical trials, DNA sequencing, genomic profiling, MGMT testing as well as protein testing. All this data supports research but with top specialists, this data helps the specialist identify the treatment option that the patient is most likely to respond to = Personalized Medicine based on the molecular profile of the tumor + makes Immunotherapy, Vaccines and other clinical trials available to P/C.


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Helping You Become a Rockstar Advocate: We will walk with you as you yourself advocate for your own health and treatment. It can be a huge challenge to advocate for your own treatment with medical professionals. We are here to equip you to do just that.

Helping You Work with Insurance: We know how to work with your insurance. We will work on your behalf with insurance companies as well as partner with other advocacy organizations, such as Patient Advocate Foundation and Cancer Legal Resource Center, to meet your needs.

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