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January 28, 2015

You know that “I can’t breathe” feeling?

Right now, I am working with 6 women who are either having a routine MRI this week or have a husband who is having one; MRI’s ordered with the sole purpose of checking on the stability of their brain cancer.  I can just about  hear the “sigh of relief” that is experienced when one’s brain tumor specialist or neuro-oncologist shows them the MRI  film and  states, “all looks good.  No  new tumor  growth”.  Having personally been in that NO’s room several times before, I still get that nervous feeling when a patient or a caregiver with the Chris Elliott Fund tells me “it’s that time again for my routine MRI.  Please pray that it  is  clear……”.

I wanted to acknowledge this feeling of fear experienced by both the patient and the caregiver or family member during this time because I know it is very real.  The days leading up to  a routine MRI to determine  if  there is  new growth or  not has often times been  described as a “roller coaster”.  It is  indeed.  The reference to  “roller coaster” refers to the feelings that  one experiences the week or so before the MRI. One moment, you are confident that all is going  to be ok, that there  will be no new growth and the  next minute you are terrified, wondering if this MRI  could likely reveal tumor growth.  I want to tell  all of you reading this post that this is SO REAL and SO NORMAL.  It  is very stressful.  I remember because I was scared too.  Just prior to my  late husband’s routine MRI’s,  we often didn’t get along the best we could have because both of us were simply scared to death.  I do wish I had some great advice  here……

I would like to open this up for discussion and would welcome your input because I’d love to be able to create an Educational Piece, perhaps  a FACT SHEET that speaks  directly  to this subject.  I encourage those of you  reading this to please step in and  share your thoughts on this subject especially if you have “tips” on how  to cope during this time as either a  patient or  as a caregiver.  I do  know how important helpful advice on  this subject would be  to others. Please feel free  to reply here or email me directly at to share your thoughts.

Thinking of all of you this week who are having your routine MRI’s and praying for clear results as I know this leads to a breath of “relief” and a trip back  to enjoying your routine and your loved ones.




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