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June 13, 2017

Reflections From ASCO Annual Meeting

Dear Cancer Heroes,

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Celebrating the courage, grace, and selflessness of patients everywhere who battle cancer and participate in clinical trials. The wall was filled with notes from providers, families, and advocates who expressed their gratitude to the patients who share their experiences, and advance science through participation in clinical research.

“Clinical trials are the life blood of scientific invention, and the generosity of study volunteers is essential as we work together toward medical breakthroughs that can have a lasting impact on people’s health, well-being, and welfare,” said Andy Lee, Senior Vice President of Global Clinical Trial Operations at Merck Research Laboratories.

Recognizing those study volunteers who do participate in clinical trials is essential to spreading awareness about the important role that they play in the clinical research process and in improving public health. Murray Abramson, Vice President of Global Clinical Operations at Biogen, comments “Without patients’ contributions and voice, solving the greatest challenges in medicine and conquering disease would not be possible. Patients, thank you!!!”

EndBrainCancer Initiative is in a privileged position to provide the research community with precious and priceless information….the voice of the patient! Thank you, for inviting us to join you on your journeys and hear your voices.

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Our founder, Dellann Elliott Mydland and Dr. Jason Fangusaro (section head, neuro-oncology) at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago,

Lurie Children’s Hospital – EBCI maintains clinical partnerships with specialists around the country, who have demonstrated clinical excellence, and a commitment to providing Advanced Treatments to all patients faced with brain tumors. To make the referrals with confidence, it is critical that we personally meet the physicians and visit the facilities where we facilitate connections between patients and experts.

I had the privilege of visiting Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, during my ASCO visit. Dr Jason Fangusaro (section head, neuro-oncology) had been recommended to EndBrainCancer as one of the premier neuro-oncologists in the Midwest. This recommendation did not disappoint, as his team graciously hosted a visit and showcased their beautiful research labs and both inpatient and outpatient facilities.

We learned more about the numerous clinical research studies available at Lurie, and discovered the compassionate yet aggressive approach to treating children and families who are faced with brain tumors. All tumors undergo genomic sequencing, and the biology of the tumor is studied for all patients. We are thrilled to see this innovative care, and are so impressed by the collaborative nature of the Lurie team! From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, the team at Falk Brain Tumor Center at Lurie Children’s provide multidisciplinary compassionate care for children and their families. In addition to the outstanding team of physicians, patients at Lurie also benefit from support from neuropsychologists, school liaisons, social workers, and a Brain Tumor Survivorship clinic.

Kathie Todd, RN, BSN, CCTC
Program Manager
EndBrainCancer Initiative/Chris Elliott Fund


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