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June 27, 2019

Let’s Write a Book Together to Help Others!

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Thank you so much for your interest in submitting your story for my collaborative book.  First, let me tell you more about myself and my mission and purpose for this book.

In my  daily life, I am the co-founder, President and Chair of the EndBrainCancer Initiative (formerly the Chris Elliott Fund)  My late husband, Chris Elliott, and I formed this organization 17 years ago to specifically assist brain tumor/brain cancer patients, to work with specialists, encourage them to have their tumor tissue saved and comprehensive genomic testing done on that tissue to inform and increase effective personalized treatment options as well as to improve health policy and increase immediate access to effective treatment options.  It has been a rough road to financially support all of these efforts via programs and services that are free to the patient/caregiver and the families we serve as well as amazingly empowering to know you are helping others as well as changing policy for all cancer patients.

Fast Forward: While editing and writing a chapter for the bestselling book by author and life coach Lisa Reck, Breaking Through the Storm,  I had one of those “aaha” moments and realized that perhaps the reason all of us experience tragedy in our life is so that we can go forward and begin to help others through our “OWN STORY” and by sharing our tragedy, experiences, gratitude and through the “LESSONS LEARNED” once one is on the other side of one’s own tragedy and/or experience.  I always knew MY and “Chris’s Story” (click here for full story) was important and that we had a message to share and for others to learn from our story and that I NEEDED to share. I wanted people to read it and be able to grow, heal and have the ability to live their best life through my sharing of my tragedy, experience and gratitude. You know, kind of like “PAYING IT FORWARD”. I’ve always liked to write but over the last several years, have not been able to find the time.  My passion has not gone away for writing and now, I want to share “YOUR STORY” through your eyes with the world.  Will you help me?

When you write your story and submit to me at in a 10-Page double-spaced WORD document along with 1-2 high quality digital headshot photos, please think about and write about the following:

What is your story? How do you let it define you? In the book, Breaking Through the Storm, author Lisa Reck goes into details in this book on how to use gratitude and forgiveness to heal and grow from the tragedies, struggles, and obstacles that we face.  I want you to use the same idea when writing “YOUR STORY.”

Everything happens in our lives for a reason. If you hadn’t gone through what you did, how would your life be different? What are you doing today to help others because of it? How can you use your past experience to help others?

This is what brought the idea of this newest book to life. How can I show people the importance of these life experiences? Instead of burying our stories in depression, anxiety, negativity, and living miserable unfulfilling lives, how can we use our story to heal and help others? How can we build each other up? Provide inspiring stories to give others hope that the best is yet to come? To show people that they are made for greatness and that whatever they are going through is merely a stepping stone to get there?

There are many authors that would charge you $1k or more to submit your story in their book. My cost is $0.00. I ask nothing of you other than YOUR story, your experience, your passion to help others and your most authentic, humble self. Let us TOGETHER create a book that can change someone’s life. I would be grateful and honored for you to share in this journey with me.

Here is what I ask of you:

  • Please openly share your story. If you are not good at writing, that’s ok. We can hop on the phone and chat. I can write it based  on what you tell me or I can coach you through writing it yourself.
  • I’d like to keep the format/outline of each story similar. What that means is that I ask you to follow the following outline:
    • Introduction to who you are.
    • What is your story?
    • How did you overcome/break through your challenges?
    • How has it affected your life?
    • What are you doing today as a result of having gone through that experience or what advice can you give based on the lessons you’ve learned?
  • Please be authentic!

There will be an opportunity somewhere in the book, either at the end of your story or at the end of the book, where you can provide contact information if you’d like to promote your service or business.
You have the option to remain anonymous, if you’d like

Stories must be submitted no later than September 5th, 2019.

There is no limit to the word count though we are suggesting a 10 page double-spaced Word Document as an approximate length. If I feel it is way too long, we’ll look at how we can shorten it. Otherwise, please write away.

Please note, your story will be edited. First, by myself and then again by my  editor. I will edit based on the flow, voice, etc. I will not submit your final story without your approval.

Please remember to own your story and be authentic so that you may help inspire and heal others.

Feel free to reach out with any questions directly to me at or via phone at 425-785-8489. Thank you again for your interest and for sharing YOUR STORY!

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