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September 5, 2019

Book Launches with Call for Stories: Author and Advocate Dellann Elliott Mydland Calls for Stories Where Tragedy was Transformed for Good to Help Others

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SEATTLE, Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dellann Elliott Mydland, co-founder of the EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI), announces a new book she is writing to tell her story, and invites members of the public to share stories of tragedy in life where personal tragedy was transformed into actions and impact for good to help others (Learn More).

In 2002, Dellann lost her late husband, Chris Elliott, to brain cancer. The EndBrainCancer Initiative / Chris Elliott Fund (EBCI-CEF) was born out of that tragedy (Read Chris Elliott’s story). Since then Dellann’s life has been singularly defined and deeply motivated by that tragic experience, as for 17 years she and the organization have been on the front lines directly helping brain cancer patients and their families and advocating nationally for key public policy changes, drug/device/diagnostic approvals, and new research to benefit brain cancer patients.

“I would never wish this journey on anyone,” Dellann explained, “But now that I’m on the other side, I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back. I always knew MY and ‘Chris’s Story’ had a message to share. I want people to read it and be able to grow, heal and have the ability to live their best lives through the sharing of my tragedy, experience, and gratitude.”

Recently, while editing and writing a chapter for the bestselling book by author and life coach Lisa Reck, Breaking Through the Storm, Dellann had what she described as one of those “aaha” moments while apparently trying to think about how to market a book of such magnitude properly, and realized that perhaps the reason all of us experience tragedy in our lives is so that we can go forward and begin to help others. Dellann’s new book will express that theme from her own life and from the lives and stories of others.

“I am actively seeking stories of how how tragedy was transformed into actions for helping others,” explained Dellann, “I would like to include stories of HOPE and Inspiration after tragedy. This is about ANY struggle (not just about brain cancer) one might have had in life yet comes out the other side with something tangible that is helping others who are in the midst of their own tragedies. I am specifically looking for stories where people have turned their ‘tragedy’ into ‘their power’ and have identified and learned in a tangible way how to help others who are today or in the future may go through the same tragedy.”

Have a story to tell? Please send it in. 20-25 stories will be considered for publishing in this new book. Please click this link for More Information or email Dellann your story (10 paged double-spaced story with high resolution headshot and your company/service logo).

Dellann Elliott Mydland
President & CEO
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