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May 30, 2020

2020 Hope Award Winner

Neufeld family
(L to R) Palmer, Mikayla, Austin and Jones Neufeld

Each year, the EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI) honors a brain cancer survivor who embodies HOPE in their brain tumor journey and whose courage in fighting this disease inspires all of us on a daily basis. This year, we are honored to feature Mikayla Neufeld and her "miracle" story.

Shortly after learning that her brain tumor was "inoperable", Mikaya and her husband Austin were referred to EBCI's Case Management Team to see if there could possibly an other surgical option. In the initial conversation, the discussion centered around second opinions and the importance of clinical trials in treating her disease. Finally, a ray of hope following weeks of devastating news!

Thanks to the intervention of EBCI, within days Mikayla and Austin flew to San Francisco to have surgery performed by one the country's pre-eminent surgeons, Dr. Mitch Berger of UCSF, who is also a member of EBCI's Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Berger and his team removed one of the tumors completely as well as additional growth, which also alleviated many of her neurological symptoms.

Her post-surgical scans were good - no bleeding or issues. For more information, see Austin's Impact Story.

In working with Mikayla, EBCI's Case Management Team has come to know this family very well, which also is an example of how we at EBCI work with our Medical Advisory Board to create IMMEDIATE ACCESS to specialists and advanced treatments, and to explore additional treatment options.


Enhancing patient outcomes by expanding FDA-approved treatment modalities and fueling research in the pharma/bio/life sciences, device & diagnostic industries and by closing the existing GAP from initial diagnosis to IMMEDIATE AND EXPANDED ACCESS to specialists, researchers, advanced & innovative treatments, clinical trials and critical care with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes through updating and improving WHO & NCCN Guidelines and clinical practices related to Standard of Care for brain cancer patients.

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