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May 31, 2020

Today Would Have Been our 2020 Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk….

Today, May 31, 2020, the very last day of #BTAM month, I find myself reflecting on many things and just looked through the photos from last year’s Bellingham Brain Cancer WALK (BBCW) , Presenting Sponsor:  Novocure (  and am smiling and crying at the same time.  Just look at these photos!  What a super cool day it was! View Event Photos Here:

Let’s first talk about Hannah. The late Hannah Dashiell was (and, in my mind, is, as she STILL INSPIRES ME)  an amazing young women from Bellingham, WA who wanted to honor her grandfather, Jerry Jerowski, who had died from brain cancer in 2007, by creating a brain tumor awareness walk during the month of May, National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, #BTAM, and chose to create this WALK as her High School Senior Class Project.  Hannah was and is a bright light for her family, her friends, the entire EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI) team and for the brain tumor community and general public that we have been lucky enough to share Hannah’s story with. Thank you Hannah for your desire to make a difference in this world, INSPIRE others, including me and look what you started! Thank you Hannah. Please know that you are thought of often and truly, your light inspires me and it is an honor to share your dream with you. Please read Hannah’s story here: ­­­­­­­­­­­­

he BBCW is a very special event and heartfelt & meaningful day that brings much Awareness & Outreach to Brain Cancer as well as helps to provide Education related to services & treatment options and specialists!  Just take a look at the participants and walkers faces!  You see all types of emotions on this day, joy, tears, laughter, hugs, people holding hands, people lifting other kids and adults up with their strength and love. This event is a much needed event for and behalf of the brain tumor community but also to the EndBrainCancer Initiative because this event not only supports our work it also lifts us up and INSPIRES us each year!  It truly is an honor to not only be associated with but to have the benefits from this event associated with EBCI.  Despite this event being cancelled this year due to COVID-19, we truly do want to THANK and give a GIANT SHOUT OUT  to brain tumor community, this event’s Sponsors, Walkers/Donors/Participants and the BBCW’s Committee for putting on this event on every year and their GIANT COMMITMENT to the brain tumor community and to this event.

Thank you to our longtime Presenting Sponsor of this event, Novocure* ( , and to our other cash sponsors (noted below):

We love our In-Kind Sponsors too!  KUDOS to our top In-Kind Sponsors and Thank You:

*EBCI wishes to say a special “Thank You” to Novocure in allowing EBCI to re-allocate the Presenting Sponsor financial support to EBCI’s “Hot Line”  in order to directly serve not only the brain tumor community but the entire oncology community during COVID-19 as our programs & services have not only remained opened and functioning at capacity during COVID-19 but we’ve also been called upon to help calm the real fear that the oncology community is also experiencing right now.  Thank You Novocure!!!  We also wish to thank our In-Kind Sponsors and will reallocate all of these In-Kind Donations to this event in 2021.  Although COVID-19 forced this event to be canceled for 2020, we are excited to start planning this event for 2021 and to create a much larger event for even more participants and to raise funds to support our programs and services than ever before!!!  We are still accepting cash donations for this event and due to COVID-19, donations to support our programs & services has extremely declined.  We could really use your support right now.  Please join “Hannah’s Virtual Dream Walker” Team or make a donation at:

A special APPRECIATION goes to the BBCW’s Committee.  These guys are AWESOME!  If you would like to join this committee, please contact Committee Chair,  The Committee that has built and lead the BBCW over the last several years is:

  • Jeninne Jerowski (Chair)
  • Sandy Giroux
  • Jenny Ludwigson
  • Jessica Meenderinck
  • Jeannette Dashiell (Hannah’s Mom)
  • Claire Tinker

Every single person and company associated with this event makes a HUGE PURPOSEFUL IMPACT!  With that said and in order to create even greater impact in the brain tumor community and to get patients with brain cancer into these advanced treatments and specialists,  our 2021 Goal is to greatly increase our Partnerships via Corporate Sponsorships for this event. We are seeking an additional $50,000 in Corporate Sponsorships in 2021. Please contact me directly at if you and/or your company would like to partner with us to help sponsor this event and would like to discuss with me creating your company’s own unique Sponsorship Package in association with Hannah’s Dream and the EndBrainCancer Initiative.  Thank you! 

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