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June 29, 2023

Online Event for Caregivers, Featuring Laura Dill

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2023 Caregiver Event Keynote Speaker

Laura Dill, Author

During tough times, we often forget to remind ourselves of this simple truth. This goes double for caregivers, who often sacrifice their own wellbeing for the sake of their loved ones in hospital and their families at home.

For Laura Dill, it’s something she has come to embrace, but the road there was tough.

Within the span of two weeks in 2019, both her father, Gerry and mother Christine, were diagnosed with glioblastoma. Life, as she knew it, was irrevocably changed.

The role of caregiver is something that anyone who hasn’t experienced it will never truly understand. While people offer their best advice and support, being told to make time to care for herself for instance, doesn’t help when the needs of her parents and her family life are so acute. People mean well, but well-intended words are often used to avoid talking about the concept of dying.

It is ugly, and it is uncomfortable, Laura says, but talking about it frankly is the best way to handle it.

Join This FREE Virtual Event On August 4th, 2023

This Meeting/Event will take place on Zoom and we will hear Laura Dill, Caregiver Advocate & Author talk about her experience caring for her parents, both of whom were diagnosed with GBM within months of each other. Please tune in to gain valuable insight, tools and resources in regards to Self-Care for the Caregiver. 

11am - 1pm (PST)

Register By 8/1/23
Pre-Registration Required. 
Event is free due to generous sponsorship!

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