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September 15, 2023

Meet EBCI's Clinical Research Coordinator/Patient Navigator

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EBCI Welcomes Clinical Research Coordinator/Patient Navigator

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Shreya S. Prakash
EBCI Clinical Research Coordinator/Patient Navigator

The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) is thrilled to welcome Shreya S. Prakash to our team. "My role as Clinical Research Coordinator/ Patient Navigator involves helping patients understand EBCI's studies and assessing their eligibility. I also assist them in finding appropriate clinical trials and provide quick access to GBM-related information, including treatments, medical devices, drugs, and specialists," said Shreya. "With the vast research, trials, and medical advancements in GBM, accessing and understanding all of it is tough for patients and families. EBCI steps in to provide essential information, which is crucial as it can significantly impact and save patients' lives."

Statement from Dellann Elliott Mydland, EBCI Founder/President: “The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) is delighted to welcome Shreya Prakash to our 'Direct Connect' Services & Program team in the newly reorganized and created role of Clinical Research Coordinator/Patient Navigator. In this revised role for EBCI, Shreya is looking forward to getting outside of the lab and using her research, medical assistance experience, marketing team lead, her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and her experience in conducting meetings with Principal Investigators (PI’s), clinical trial sponsors and research associates to bring increased treatment options and access to patients, including patient/caregiver studies and patient clinical trials. In addition, she is well versed in study and project timelines, client and patient expectations, and participating in patient engagement, all of which will further increase patient access to specialists, advanced treatments, devices, diagnostics and clinical trials, with the goal of increasing patient Quality of Life (QOL), Survivorship and improvements to Standard of Care (SOC).  Please join me in welcoming Shreya to our EBCI team and family.”

Shreya S. Prakash completed her Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Washington with the goal of pursuing patient-oriented clinical research. Prior to joining EBCI, she worked as a Histology Technician and Project Coordinator at a pre-clinical lab.

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