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December 19, 2023

Empowering Support: Thoughtful Ways to Help and Honor Your Loved Ones during the Festive Season

Often, when our loved one’s face health crises, our instinct is to say, "If you need anything, just call me." Despite the good intentions behind this statement, caregivers have expressed that it may not always be as helpful as intended. The burden of reaching out for assistance can be overwhelming, especially during the holidays. To truly support your loved ones during their times of need, consider the following practical ways to provide help and show your support.

Assist with household chores like vacuuming, mopping, dishes, and laundry. Offer to handle outdoor tasks such as lawn care or snow removal. Partner with neighbors and friends to provide a cleaning professional to do household chores weekly or bi-weekly if possible. Don’t ask your loved ones, just make the arrangements and let them know it is handled/details.

Help by driving children to and from school and activities, offering peace of mind to parents.

Support by taking care of pets, walking the dog, cleaning litter boxes, or pet-sitting.

Provide easy-to-manage foods that don't require refrigeration. Label the food container appropriately and date it for easier reference. Consider individual portions and include reheating instructions.

Support with small gestures, like filling up the gas tank, to save time and energy.

Take care of routine tasks like post office visits, bank trips, grocery shopping, oil changes, and drugstore runs.

Offer financial assistance, considering specific needs like hospital bills or parking expenses. Use labeled envelopes for a thoughtful touch.

Provide disposable items like paper plates, cups, napkins, and resealable bags to ease the burden of household tasks.

Offer emotional support, give a hug, no words necessary and be a constant presence in their lives during times of uncertainty.

EBCI offers a wealth of resources and articles on our website to guide you in supporting your loved ones. As we enter this festive season, if you're searching for distinctive ways to gift and honor your loved ones, we invite you to explore the Book Shop - End Brain Cancer. Discover a curated collection of informational books on GBM and caregiving.

Additionally, consider expressing your support for the non-profit your loved one is passionate about by donating through Donate - End Brain Cancer. Your considerate contributions will enable EBCI to persist in creating awareness and organizing informational events related to GBM.

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