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December 15, 2023

Shuttle Pharma Advances Patient-Centric Breakthrough for Glioblastoma Treatment

In a significant step towards enhancing treatment options for brain tumor patients, Shuttle Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. has submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Ropidoxuridine, a promising radiation sensitizer. With a patient-focused approach, Ropidoxuridine is designed to improve the effectiveness of radiation therapy (RT) in the treatment of glioblastoma, a challenging brain tumor.

The encouraging news follows positive feedback from the FDA, bringing us one step closer to potential advancements in treating glioblastoma. Pending approval, a Phase II trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of Ropidoxuridine in combination with radiation therapy, specifically tailored for individuals newly diagnosed with glioblastoma.

The upcoming Phase II trial will center on Ropidoxuridine's potential in treating glioblastoma, focusing on patients with specific genetic characteristics. Shuttle Pharma has received Orphan Drug Designation from the FDA, a recognition that could provide exclusive benefits upon approval, emphasizing the company's commitment to advancing radiation therapies.

If you or a family member are interested in learning more about this upcoming clinical trial or would like to gather additional information about it, EBCI is here to assist you in connecting with the Principal Investigators or research facilities located near you. Please feel free to get in touch with Shreya Prakash by emailing her at or calling/texting 425-436-8688. Alternatively, you can complete our Patient Interest Form, and EBCI will contact you.

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