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February 29, 2024

A Message from Our CEO: Help DCVax®-L Gain FDA Approval

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The End Brain Cancer Initiative and I know and understand this disease well. We know that to increase survival of this disease, patients must have full access to FDA approved treatments and they need to have as many treatment options available to them as possible. DCVax®-L is one of the treatment options/tools that patients should have in their toolbox.

The FDA needs to understand that not one treatment is viable for this disease as Glioblastoma (GBM) quickly becomes resistant to all treatment. Therefore, patients need to have multiple and varied treatment options so that when their tumor becomes resistant to a treatment, they are able to quickly pivot. In order to provide brain cancer patients multiple treatment options, increase patient Quality of Life, provide HOPE for this patient community, and encourage additional investment by the pharma/biotech companies into GBM research, the FDA needs to approve multiple treatment options for this patient population. Currently, there are a very limited number of treatment options FDA approved for this disease. EBCI and I are working very hard to expand access to treatment options and to improve Standard of Care for the brain tumor community.

Team up with the End Brain Cancer Initiative to help DCVax®-L gain FDA approval by clicking the button below.

DCVax®-L represents a novel form of immunotherapy classified as a dendritic cell vaccine. Developed by Northwest Biotherapeutics, this personalized vaccine is crafted from each patient’s unique dendritic cells, a crucial component aiding the immune system in recognizing and combatting cancer cells. The intricate process involves isolating immune cells from the patient’s blood, exposing them to tumor cells, and enabling dendritic cells to recognize specific markers associated with the patient’s tumor cells. Once re-introduced into the patient’s system, these “educated” dendritic cells recruit and instruct other immune cells, known as T-cells, to travel to the tumor site and attack cancerous cells.

Team up with the End Brain Cancer Initiative to help DCVax®-L gain FDA approval by clicking the button below.

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Dellann Elliott Mydland
The End Brain Cancer Initiative
President & CEO

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