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February 22, 2024

New Website for PCNS Lymphoma

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New Website for Patients with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma

Today, the End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) and I want to make you aware of an ongoing-clinical trial/study for Primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL), which normally originates in the brain, called the PROSPECT Study. The PROSPECT Study now has a dedicated website designed with patient friendly vocabulary for patients and care partners, providing comprehensive information, resources, and clinical trial enrollment links. You can access this website at

To learn more, you may also go to and fill out our very short  Ono Pharma PROSPECT Study for PCNSL Patient Interest Form so that our Clinical Trial Coordinator/Patient Navigator, can reach directly back out to you to give you more info and/or “Directly Connect” you to the Principal Investigator for this trial and/or “Directly Connect” you to the trial/study site and doctor/researcher closest to where you live that has this trial open for patients with PCNSL. To learn more about the sponsors and about Ono Pharma, you can visit our landing page Ono Pharma - End Brain Cancer. It has more information about the trial and the sponsor.

This clinical trial/study has two parts: Part A and Part B. If you have PCNSL that has not responded to or returned after prior treatment, you will be in Part A of the study. Part A will explore the safety and the effectiveness of tirabrutinib when given without any additional chemotherapy. About 45 participants will be enrolled to Part A in the PROSPECT study in the United States. If you have been newly diagnosed with PCNSL and have not yet received any treatment, you will be in Part B of this study. Part B of the study will look at the safety and effectiveness of tirabrutinib when given together with standard of care chemotherapy treatments that are used to treat newly diagnosed patients. About 70 participants will be enrolled to Part B in the PROSEPCT study in the United States.

Adults at least 18 years of age who have been diagnosed with either newly diagnosed PCNSL or Relapsed/Refractory (R/R) PCNSL (PCNSL that did not improve or only temporarily improved from previous treatment with high-dose methotrexate) may be eligible to participate. More patient inclusion/exclusion criteria for this trial can be found at - NCT04947319. However, It is important to note that these are not the only eligibility criteria for this research study. A clinical research team member will help determine if this study is right for you based on all eligibility criteria.

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