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May 21, 2024

Announcing 2024’s National HOPE Award Recipient

EBCI's 2024 National HOPE Award Recipient

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The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) is celebrating 22 years of increasing patient access and promoting disease education, awareness, and outreach.

We are proud to present the 2024 National HOPE Award to Patrick "Paddy" O'Donnell!

Every May for over a decade, the End Brain Cancer Initiative has presented the National HOPE Award, a patient disease education, awareness & outreach campaign/initiative sponsored by Novocure, to a brain cancer patient who inspires us with their courage and HOPE in the face of this devastating disease.

Patrick ODonnell
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick ODonnell with Optune
Patrick ODonnell family

Paddy was a 20-year-old collegiate ice hockey goaltender at the University of Utah when he had a seizure. Paddy woke up in the Neuro ICU connected to tubes and monitors wondering what happened. A biopsy revealed he had Glioblastoma (GBM) and three tumors.

Paddy was nominated by his mother, Anne O'Donnell. "Paddy had to create his own HOPE and sought answers and second opinions about his treatment," she said. "End Brain Cancer Initiative was vital in our search, at the most critical time, availing us of options and direct contact with experts in the field whom Dellann knew personally."

Paddy appreciates all of the support he has received from family, friends, and the hockey community. "We all support each other and it’s really special," he said. His high school hockey team now has a Hockey Fights Cancer fundraiser every year in Paddy’s honor and each player wears a jersey with his name on the back. His college hockey team did the same with a new jersey with a grey ribbon on the Utah logo that raised funds for brain cancer research.

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Patrick ODonnell

"He adopted a mindset that it was going to be tough, but he would beat this cancer, driven by a desire to return to a life he loved as a student with his friends and teammates," said Anne, Paddy's mother. "He knew as a goaltender, you don’t pay attention to the puck that went in the net, you focus on the next shot."

"I think HOPE is really what drives us all," said Paddy. "To get up in the morning and create a better future for ourselves."

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