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June 28, 2024

Pediatric Clinical Trial for DIPG Brain Cancer

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SonALAsense is currently recruiting patients in a Phase 2 Study of Sonodynamic Therapy using SONALA-001 and Exablate 4000 Type 2.0 in patients With Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

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SonALAsense presented preliminary data from the clinical study in late 2023. Initial clinical activity observed in the first 5 patients showed partial responses of at least 25% reduction in tumor size in 2 (40%) patients through eight weeks post treatment and stable disease in 2 (40%) patients. Four patients treated have exceeded the median survival of 9-11 months post diagnosis. Patients treated have also maintained or improved their patient performance status.

“We are pleased with the early results and the safety profile of SONALA-001 SDT,” said Hasan R. Syed, M.D., pediatric neurosurgeon at Children’s National Hospital and co-lead in Principal Investigator Roger Packer’s trial. “Sonodynamic therapy is part of a larger trend towards less invasive treatment paradigms in neurosurgery. For families of children with DIPG, this trial offers hope and a chance to potentially alter the course of this aggressive disease.”

Actively Recruiting Sites

  • San Francisco, CA - University of California
  • Washington DC - Children's National / Children's Research Institute
  • Miami, FL - Nicklaus Children's Hospital

For more information on inclusion/exclusion criteria and active sites, click the button below and fill out the Interest Form. The End Brain Cancer Initiative's Clinical Research Coordinator/Patient Navigator will contact you to help you figure out if this study may be a good fit, and if so, will “DIRECTLY CONNECT” you to the site and specialist closest to where you live.

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