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June 14, 2024

Personalizing Cancer Treatment with 3D Predict™

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Kiyatec is here to help you and your care team find the chemotherapies that are most effective in treating your cancer.

Kiyatec's 3D Predict™ test uses cells taken from your own tumor and grows these cells in a special environment that mimics what’s happening with your tumor and immune system. This helps them test how different cancer treatments work on your specific cancer. With 3D Predict™, doctors can see how the drugs interact with your tumor cells before giving you the treatment. 

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Kiyatec's 3D Predict™ Glioma is a test that your doctor can order to determine which of the 12 commonly used chemotherapy drugs will work best for you. This test is for newly diagnosed and recurrent glioma patients to predict therapeutic response to common chemotherapy agents.

Along with other tests, such as genetic testing, 3D Predict™ can help you and your doctor plan the best treatment strategy for you.

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