A few weeks ago I went to Boston to meet with Dellann Elliott, President, Chris Elliott Fund to learn more about the Chris Elliott Lab for Glioblastoma Research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. My friend Lois Melander, whose husband died of brain cancer last year  joined me. We met with the leading research team to hear about the state of brain cancer research and with Dr. DePinho who was the former Director of the Human Genome Project. Wow! We were so humbled being in the presence of the brilliant and passionate scientists who are the leaders of the world effort to develop the cure for cancer. Dr. DePinho told me that he believed that they will succeed within 10 years and change the evolutionary path of the human species on earth. Wooooh! He said that they know how, but they will need the financial resources provided through private philanthropy to accomplish the mission.

I left in awe and with a sense of hope and inspiration that the loss of my daughter, Raina, and others would not be in vain. Many are working hard to find a cure for brain cancer fueled by the contributions from organizations like the Chris Elliott Fund which raises money for patient support, awareness and cutting edge research. My family and friends are honored to be supporters of the Chris Elliott Fund. Donate what you can, what’s comfortable to help end brain cancer.

John Bourland, Burlington VT