standard-title Barn Bash 2017

Barn Bash 2017

Highlights from the 2017 Barn Bash to Give Brain Cancer the Boot

A 20-year brain cancer survivor, Megan L. Patton uses her experience, talents and passion to create a celebration that honors brain tumor patients, caregivers, families, warriors survivors, and friends as well as to raise funds supporting the EndBrainCancer Initiative’s “Direct Connect” and Education, Awareness and Outreach Programs.


Megan is also the recipient of EBCI’s 2017 National Patient Advocacy Award Recipient. Here is her story…

“I am originally from Seattle and am a long-time Oregon resident who was diagnosed with a grade 2/3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma brain tumor over 20 years ago. I originally came across Chris’s story and the EndBrainCancer Initiative |Chris Elliott Fund after my 2nd surgery in 2003, and decided to reach out. Over the course of my journey I have worked with the EBCI | CEF and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to find care and support for my brain cancer. Help from EBCI starts on this web site.

“I have undergone 4 surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy 5 days each month during the time I was actively fighting the brain tumor. I am elated to be celebrating 20 years as a brain tumor survivor! The EndBrainCancer Initiative | Chris Elliott Fund has been at my side along the way to offer help, HOPE, and support. I had the opportunity to travel along with the EBCI Founder and President, Dellann Elliott Mydland to New York City in 2016 to tape a segment on brain cancer for Cure Today, which can be seen at

“The EndBrainCancer Initiative | Chris Elliott Fund has been an invaluable resource and source of support as I have been in this battle against brain cancer. Early on they connected me with the Dana Farber Institute and Dr. Patrick Wen who have been a constant resource in expert treatment and care throughout my fight. I continue to turn to EBC’s direct one-on-one patient support services and website as a resource and source of hope and support as a brain tumor survivor. It is a reliable and very useful resource for me to see what is being done in research to cure this disease as well as being able to not feel so alone in my battle,” said Megan about her experience.

“Now, being a 20-year survivor, I find myself in the role of “ambassador” for the End Brain Cancer Initiative so that when I am contacted by newly diagnosed patients and their families I can get them in contact with EBC directly and quickly! Led by my sister Heidi Hammersley and a special group who I lovingly refer to as the “Barn Babes”, it is also my great joy and pleasure to be hosting our 3rd Barn Bash for Brain Cancer this August 19th, 2017 near my home in Lake Oswego, Oregon. From our past two Barn Bash events, we have been able to donate over $55,000 to the EndBrainCancer Initiative and hope to continue adding to that total with this event as a way honor the lives of friends and family who have lost their battles to this terrible disease, as well as celebrate myself and others who are gratefully still fighting and winning! To register or donate to Barn Bash 2017 go to”

Thank you to Megan and the Barn Babes for once again creating a wonderful and very touching celebration.

Brain Cancer Survivor Warrior Presentation