Programmable Pill Dispenser – Med Minder “Maya”: MedMinder’s medication dispenser is the most effective and affordable solution available to enhance medication adherence. Besides enabling personal interventions from caregivers, our pill dispenser offers patients a sense of comfort and companionship.

Social Robot For Seniors – “ElliQ”: ElliQ is the proactive Artificial Intelligence driven social robot designed to encourage an active and engaged lifestyle by suggesting activities and making it simple to connect with loved ones.

Daily Activity Monitors: Caring for an aging loved-one is both rewarding and challenging. It can often lead to a great deal of stress and can be financially taxing. The constant trips back and forth can be emotionally draining. The missed work can be financially devastating. The typical Caregiver average age is 46 years old and 61% are female. They spend 21 hours a week providing care. 1 out of 3 caregivers said they need help. Caregivers need a way to reduce the stress associated with caring for a loved one and have peace of mind. And so Lighthouse Caregiver Systems was born. To use technology to improve the quality of life for the caregiver and the care recipient.

Communication Guide for Caregivers: Communication with one another is important when someone in your family is told they have cancer. Talking about cancer affects the cancer journey for both you and the patient. If you or the patient feels nervous or sad, these feelings can affect how you communicate with each other and with doctors and nurses.

Remote Wireless Door Locks: With these devices you can lock and unlock the front door from anywhere. There are even locks that can allow you to assign codes for visitors, make sure the door is locked – or open if emergency services are on their way. This comes in incredibly handy if you’ve rushed to be with your loved one at the Emergency Room and you aren’t sure if the EMTs locked the door when they left. You will need to call in a professional to have this installed to your specifications. Contacting a locksmith marietta ga service or a service close to the residence, will get this set up and started so you can make your loved ones secure.

Mobile Medical Alert Service: Caring for a senior family member can seem overwhelming. So Greatcall has created family caregiver support solutions to simplify tasks and address your day-to-day concerns. Their easy-to-use products keep family members connected. And their innovative services and apps help alleviate worry around issues like health and safety. Apps for Organizing Medical Information: When you are out and about as a caregiver, you often find yourself needing access to medical information that you just don’t have handy. The use of various apps to help keep this information at your fingertips can be incredibly helpful. Some options are MyChart, Health Gorilla, Healow, and CareZone.

PREPARE For Your Care: free website that walks you through five steps that help explore your wishes for your healthcare. It uses videos to show you how to talk to your family about important questions. You can create a summary of your wishes, and an advanced directive, which is a legal document that will make sure your doctors and your family follow your wishes and give you the care you want.