2022 Press Releases



2021 Press Releases

9.10.21 – The Importance of Shared Decision-Making for Patients with Glioblastoma  6.03.21 – Worldwide Brain Tumor Community Comes Together in EBCI’s Virtual Patient Education Meeting & Event 5.24.21 – EndBrainCancer Initiative to Host VirtualWorldwidePatient Education Meeting & Event 3.25.21 Hui Li, PhD, has discovered an oncogene responsible for deadly glioblastoma 3.16.21 EndBrainCancer Initiative Announces Expansion of Executive Leadership Team

2020 Press Releases

7.22.20  In Response to National GBM Awareness Day and to Improve patient Access, The EndBrainCancer Initiative Launches Telehealth and Case Management Services 6.30.20 EBCI Announces Partnership with GT Medical Technologies 3.12.20 TO: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, RE: Docket ID: FDA-2019-D-4964: Draft Guidance for Industry Entitled “Demonstrating Substantial Evidence of Effectiveness for Human Drug and Biological Products”

2019 Press Releases

8.27.19 Book Launches with Call for Stories: Author and Advocate Dellann Elliott Mydland Calls for Stories Where Tragedy was Transformed for Good to Help Others 8.12.19 The EndBrainCancer Initiative Urges Immediate ACTION so Brain Cancer Patients are Not Excluded from Medicare Coverage for Genetic Profiling (Next Generation Sequencing-NGS) 8.1.19 The EndBrainCancer Initiative Urges Support for New FDA Clinical Trial Diversity Guidelines and Proposes Key Amendments 7.15.19 The EndBrainCancer Initiative Calls on All Americans to Recognize and Support the Inaugural National Glioblastoma Awareness Day on July 17th 6.27.19 Let’s Write a Book Together to Help Others! 6.13.19 EndBrainCancer Initiative Announced Campaign for New Brain Cancer Clinical Trials in the Greater Puget Sound Area at its Education, Awareness & Action Dinner 6.3.19 NCI-CONNECT and BTTC 2019 Meetings Summary 5.27.19 The EndBrainCancer Initiative Urges Immediate ACTION so Brain Cancer Patients are Not Excluded from Medicare Coverage for Genetic Profiling (Next Generation Sequencing-NGS) 5.24.19 2019 Brains Matter Dinner President’s Award  5.9.19 The EndBrainCancer Initiative to Feature Renowned Brain Cancer and Modified Poliovirus Duke Researcher, Dr. Annick Desjardins, as its Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Annual May “Brains Matter” ACTION Dinner as Advocacy is Underway Now to Bring this Treatment Option to the Seattle Area 4.2.19 Patients, Survivors, Friends, and Partners Celebrate The EndBrainCancer Initiative’s GBM Patient & TOGETHER Day 3.14.19 GBM Patient & TOGETHER Day to Honor and Uplift Brain Cancer Patients on Friday, March 15th

2018 Press Releases

12.19.18 The EndBrainCancer Initiative Partners with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for Advocacy, Education and Placement into Clinical Trials for Brain Cancer Patients 11.14.18  The End Brain Cancer Initiative Announces Two New Programs to Fuel Clinical Trial Enrollment of Brain Cancer Patients and Advanced Cure 8.29.18  Dellann Elliott Mydland, President of the EndBrainCancer Initiative, to Serve on Two National Clinical Trial Committees for NRG Oncology, an NCI-Funded Research Group 8.27.18  With Condolences to the McCain Family, The End Brain Cancer Initiative Calls for New Access and Treatment Options for Brain Cancer Patients & Changes to Standard of Care 8.02.18  The EndBrainCancer Initiative Received CITI Certification Becoming the First Brain Tumor Patient Advocacy Organization Listed as a Nationally-Recognized Recruiting Site 05.30.18  The EndBrainCancer Initiative, a Seattle-Based Patient Services and Advocacy Organization, Champions Changes to Standards of Care at its 7th Annual Brains Matter Dinner   PDF Version of Press Release 05.14.18  Duane A. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D., World-Renowned Immunotherapy Expert to Speak at Seattle “Brains Matter” Dinner

Redmond Reporter – EBCI Golf Tournament

07.25.17 End Brain Cancer Initiative Golf Tournament Returns to Sammamish

CURE Magazine Articles by our Founder, Dellann Elliott Mydland

02.06.18 Do you know the difference between “Informed Consent” for Treatment and “Informed Consent” for Saving Tumor Tissue, Clinical Trials, or Research Studies? 02.06.18 Could IMMEDIATE ACCESS be the “Turning Point”? 11.13.17 Expanding Expanded Access: An Easier Application Process Could Make Expeimental Drugs More Accessible To Patients In Need – Outside The Realm Of Clinical Trials

2015 Press Releases

06.24.15 Chris Elliott Fund Launches Initiative to Enhance Lives and Improve Survivorship for Brain Cancer Patients 05.15.15 CURE™ JOINS WITH CHRIS ELLIOTT FUND/ENDBRAINCANCER INITIATIVE, A BRAIN CANCER ADVOCACY GROUP, IN ADVOCACY SPOTLIGHT PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

2014 Press Releases

10.16.14 Every Day is “EndBrainCancer Day” for the Chris Elliott Fund | Originally announced on PRWebDownload the PDF 6.22.14 4th Annual Chris Elliott Fund “Brains Matter” Luncheon Honors the Late Dr. Greg Foltz, Trailblazer in Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment Originally announced on PRWebDownload the PDF 5.7.14 Chris Elliott Fund Founder & President Steps Up Advocacy Work in War on Cancer | Originally announced on PRWebDownload The PDF 2.4.14 Chris Elliott Fund and Foundation Medicine Co-Host Evening of Learning and Discussion with Influential Cancer and Research Physicians in the Seattle Area |Originally published on PRWeb | Download the PDF 1.15.14 Brain Cancer and Brain Tumor Patient Advocate Hosts Their Patient Support Services Center Grand Opening and Celebrates Opening Their Doors to the Public | View it on PRWebdownload 1.3.14  Brain Cancer & Brain Tumor Patient Advocacy Organization Announces Grand Opening of Patient Support Services Center in Redmond, Washington | View it on PRwebdownload

 In the News

1.9.2014 Chris Elliott Fund Opens Patient Support Services Center in Redmond (Redmond Reporter) 1.8.14 Sammamish Resident Opens Patient Support Center (Issaquah/Sammamish Reporer)

Radio Public Service Announcements

Be a Friend – 30 Second PSA Be a Friend – 60 Second PSA Where to Go for Help – 30 Second (Bonneville Media) Where to Go for Help – 60 Second (Bonneville Media)


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