Alexander Moore
nomintated by his friend, Amanda Haddock.

Alexander is such a caring individual, who really does live in a way that constantly gives back to others. Through work at his church and as an active participant in brain tumor support groups, he shows that while he may have a brain tumor, he still has a lot to offer. He is a mentor, a friend, a husband, and a dad to the sweetest little boy – born after Alexander’s diagnosis. Alexander was not content to sit by silently as a brain tumor wreaked havoc on his life. He started blogging about it (, which is how I met him. We became friends, and he became a member of Dragon Master Foundation’s first board of directors. In particular, he has a real heart for children who are battling brain tumors because he knows most of them are too young to really understand why they have to go through such intense treatment. Though Alexander has watched many friends die from the disease, he never gives up hope that a cure will be found in our lifetimes. He knows what it feels like to be scared and alone, and once wrote about his first brain tumor support group meeting like this, ” When I initially heard about the group, I was very hesitant to go because I wasn’t sure if attending would encourage me or bum me out. My mom eventually volunteered to go with me and I’m glad she did because after going, I never felt alone again.” I know it is his sincere wish that no one ever feels alone on this journey. I think he would be an excellent role model for the brain tumor community, and I hope you will consider him for your award.