Barbara Cox
nominated by husband Steve Cox

Barbara Cox passed away from a glioblastoma. She fought it with determination and grace. Her story is unique in that she was also a caregiver. Her husband, me, was diagnosed with a 4 cm ependymoma on my brain stem. Needless to say, the diagnosis came as a shock to both of us and to our son and daughter in college. If it wasn’t for her love and determination, I would not be here to write about her.

She was my ears and eyes at the doctors office, and when I became incapable of taking care of myself, she kept me alive. All the while, a tumor was growing in her head. She was so focused on helping me that her symptoms went unnoticed, until it became impossible to do so. She was a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife. Her dedication to her family never ended until she died.

Her story, our story, is chronicled in a book I wrote about those two years of hell that our family experienced. It’s called, If You Love Me Take Me Now. I have been able to donate proceeds from the book to fund brain tumor causes. It is a story about a husband and wife trying to keep each other alive through love and determination. It is not my intention to promote the book here, but to honor a woman who loved her family so much that she may have jeopardized her own life. Steve Cox