With the continuously increasing amount of people worldwide investing in a cell phone, there comes some risks, that these users should be made aware of. This includes phone security, hackers and cold calls – some of the latest phone security statistics here educate people on the potential issues they might not know about. However this is an obvious answer. Health wise, there is a new issue arising. Does cell phone use cause health ailments? I don’t know if cell phones cause brain cancer or not but what I do know is this.

When my late husband, Christopher Stewart Elliott, was diagnosed with brain cancer, the first thing that went through my mind, after the shock of this diagnosis, was WOW! My husband has been in the telcom business for many many years, used to use one of the first large cell phones that got “hot” when used and he used to use it a lot as he was in sales and used to be on his phone all the time between and during appointments……

While Chris was going through his chemo treatment, at that time, it was BCNU, the young man who was typically seated beside him each week was being treated for testicular cancer. He shared with Chris that he too was in sales and often dropped his cell phone into his lap between using it while driving, which he spent most of his day doing. I can remember Chris and I having a discussion on the possibility of the use this person’s cell phone and “carrying it in his lap” could potentially be a cause of his testicular cancer.

Also, many many years ago while in DC., I attended a conference on this very subject. Although, I love my cell phone, I came away from this conference feeling like a “Best Practices” philosophy is warrented when using cell phones, such as always either use it on speaker, use earbuds, alternate sides of the face/ears that one uses their cell phone on, do not sleep with the cell phone anywhere near your head/body, etc. So, I’ve always had a feeling of wonderment and suspect when it comes to the use of Cell Phones and if they may have something to do with brain cancer. I am often also asked this question and can only share what I am sharing here until now……

Over the weekend, I read several reports on this subject related to a new study on this topic. The link for one of these reports is here: The Risk of Brain Tumors from Cell and Cordless Phones. Again, I am not a doctor, scientist, researcher, etc. but I am someone who will follow this research going forward and I will most certainly not be shy about speaking to the general public and especially, parents of pediatric brain tumor patients, about this information and the “sensibility” to monitor their child’s use of cell phones given what we now think we know about their possibility of causing brain cancer.


Dellann Elliott Mydland, Founder & President

The Chris Elliott Fund