Bruce Blount
Nominated by Francis Bogdon

My name is Francis Bogdon, and I would like to nominate Bruce Blount for the HOPE award. Bruce is a twenty two year survivor of a 4th ventricle ependymoma.

During this time, he has achieved many accomplishments – all which have raised other surviors hope. He has facilitated the Adult Ependymoma online support group (part of T.H.E. Braintrust) for the past fifteen years. He co-facilitates the “Central New Jersey Brain Tumor Support Group” and has for the past fourteen years. He has appeared twice in the “International Brain Tumor Association’s” annual report magazine. He has held five annual “Walks to End Brain Tumors” – which have raised over $70,000 for brain tumor research (He will hold another walk on May 6th). Each walk has been recognized by the State senate and general assembly. He has been written about by three newspapers (the New Egypt Press, The Tritown News and the Messenger Press), and has been recognized online by the mayor. He has been highlited (2008) by CNN.COM, with his story and photograph appearing on the front page of their “health” section. This accomplishement has been noted by the mayor of New Egypt and by “Virtualtrials”.com. Bruce has helped plan three major brain tumor conferences, and has spoken at two conferences. Further, he has spoken at three brain tumor seminars. In 2005, he visited Washington, D.C. and spoke with congress members or their staff about brain tumor issues. He has made several videos which can be found on the popular web site “You Tube”. While accomplishing these milestones, Bruce has always provided hope to others – showing that in spite of of such a dire diagnosis of brain tumor, life can continue to be fruitful – and even fun! His positive attitude is contagious. With him at our support meetings, laughter is often heard. Comraderie between members developes, lifelong friendships are made. Bruce accentuates the positive, disregards the negative. He understands and acknowledges the severity of such a dire diagnosis, but focuses the group’s attention toward the positive! All of his accomplishments and positions are voluntary. He desires no recognition. His care and concern for other survivors is evident. He has shown us how to truly live with a brain tumor. He leads positively, and is an example of hope for a long life by those who may be newly diagnosed. Bruce Blount is a brain tumor role model. He MUST be recognized by this prestigous award. Please consider him.