CEF's February Fund DriveWould YOU know what to do TODAY if you were diagnosed with brain cancer? What is the next crucial step, is it the right one and how do you know it’s the right one? If YOU were diagnosed with brain cancer TODAY and because time is not on your side with this disease, YOU would immediately need the correct answers in order to save or extend your life. This is where the Chris Elliott Fund comes into play.

60 people are going through a brain cancer diagnosis today. We hope they and YOU would have support and friends to turn to and we hope that they and YOU would immediately know to turn to us for help. We hope they and YOU would know about the Chris Elliott Fund before being diagnosed. We hope they and YOU would use us as a free resource to gather correct information quickly and help you know about advanced brain cancer treatment and help you receive these treatments. YOU can help make this information available to everyone. Here’s how YOU can help TODAY!

TODAY, we are asking for a $10 donation (insert link to web donation page) from 3,000 of our friends and supporters so that we can help those 60 people diagnosed TODAY and EVERYDAY.

YOUR $10 Donation will:

Help others to know about the Chris Elliott Fund and our services via our public awareness campaigns, social media, internet and our special awareness events. We HOPE that those diagnosed know to immediately reach out to the Chris Elliott Fund so that we can connect then to a brain tumor center noted for its excellence anywhere in the country. Your donation also funds our Patient Outreach and Awareness Program and allows YOU when you need us to reach out directly to the Chris Elliott Fund for help and ask one of our patient specialists for help. It allows us to help you or a loved one receive advanced brain tumor treatment and genomic testing of one’s individual brain tumor to determine which chemo will work on your personal brain tumor.

This is why we turn to you. Those 60 people won’t be able to find us in the vast pool of chaos and mis-diagnosis, and wrong answers without your help. We cannot win this battle without your confidence and support.

TODAY’s donation request will help us move forward and build awareness so that others will immediately find us, and will find the answers they need to end brain cancer in their lives. Those 60 people need us today—they don’t need a large organization with bureaucracy where they get transferred from place to place. They need answers quickly and they need the right answer now. They need to know that we are out there and we have the answers they need to extend their lives or even save them.

The only way we can do that is with your help and support. Please reach out to us to show YOUR support and donate $10.00 dollars so we can fund our programs (Link here to our website on the donate page), fund research, fund awareness, fund educating doctors and patients, and most importantly, to fund the cure. What if YOU were diagnosed TODAY with brain cancer? Would you know who to turn to? Please help others to be aware of the Chris Elliott Fund by supporting our efforts so that all who are diagnosed know to immediately reach out to us for help and guidance.

Please take a moment and really think about these 60 people today. What are they doing to get help, and where are they going? Standard protocol is not going to save their life, but specialized, customized treatment will, and we know how to get them this treatment fast.

We THANK YOU for donating $10.00 dollars so that we can fulfill our mission: to End Brain Cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research.

Thank you for your time, your passion, and your support. Your support TODAY, may have just saved a life.