“The Chris Elliott Fund has raised over $2 million to date for cancer research, including brain cancer research and support. These funds have supported important research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute leading to discoveries into the genetic mutations that cause  GBM, as well as identifying two subclasses of GBM which will spur additional research and discoveries into more effective therapies and hopefully a cure.”


End Brain Cancer / Chris Elliott Fund is a part of a huge group of people and organizations who are fighting to end brain cancer.

• There are researchers seeking to find cures and new treatments.

• There are specialists applying the best science and standards to help patients.

• There are dedicated Cancer Centers of Excellence utilizing cutting edge surgical and treatment approaches

• There are innovators developing amazing new tools and techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer.

• There are medical caregivers on the front lines working locally with patients and their families.

• There are companies advancing treatments and technology to market to make an impact on lives and institutions.

• There are other advocacy organizations like ours fighting on behalf of brain tumor patients and their families.

• There are public servants working to advance the legislation and funding to end brain cancer

• Finally there are the patients and families who are fighting every day, participating in studies, and doing everything in their power to survive and thrive.

Together we are connecting for cure in the short term and long term. The End Brain Cancer Initiative is seeking to foster collaboration by driving several key strategies:

  • Providing patients & caregivers with immediate access to advanced treatment options, specialists and comprehensive support programs
  • Providing the research and medical community with qualified patients for treatment or clinical trials
  • Pre-qualifying patients for clinical trials
  • Advocating on issues of national public health policy impacting the lives and welfare of brain tumor and brain cancer patients
  • Educating the general public on matters related to brain tumors and brain cancer prior to a diagnosis