Commonsense Collaboration for Cure…

braincancercentersBrain cancer is an aggressive, ugly disease. Upon diagnosis, speedy advanced treatments are so important to the health and prospects for the patient. Over the years the EndBrainCancer initiative has developed referral relationships with brain tumor centers, brain cancer specialists and National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated centers. All of these entities meet rigorous criteria for world class, state of the art programs in multi-disciplinary cancer research. They are dedicated to research in the development of more effective approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

With Brain Cancer, Experience and Expertise are Everything…

The simple common sense fact is that a brain tumor center is experienced. It sees a high volume of brain tumor patients yearly and thus offers unique value to new patients. The EndBrainCancer Initiative encourages patients to seek treatment at one of these specialty centers.  Brain Tumor and NCI Centers have clinical programs that offer patients the latest forms of treatment for a wide range of cancers, as well as access to clinical trials of experimental treatments. A brain tumor center will have a brain tumor specialist who is a neurosurgeon specializing in brain tumor surgery as well as a neurooncologist who specializes in treating brain tumors (this may not be the case at a non-brain tumor center.

Teamwork & Development

We encourage collaboration between local medical caregivers and these advanced specialists. Brain Tumor Centers and NCI Centers offer training for scientists, physicians, surgeons, and other professionals seeking specialized training or board certification in cancer-related disciplines. Active collaboration creates synergistic care teams that can deliver the very best for each patient.

Do You Need a Referral or Connection?

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