In order to improve patient outcomes, fuel research and ultimately help to provide more treatment options and modalities for the brain cancer patient, EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI) relies on donors, sponsors, grants and Corporate Partners. Our Corporate Partners understand the vital importance of providing IMMEDIATE ACCESS to free patient services and programs to the brain tumor community through our “Direct Connect” personalized, one-on-one programs as well as our Education/Awareness/Outreach programs. Our Corporate Partners are committed to helping us keep our services and programs free to the brain tumor community and to the general public as well as in allowing the team at EBCI to help make the brain tumor community aware of all treatment options, studies and clinical trials that may be available for brain tumor patients. To learn more about clinical trials you may be a candidate for, please contact Delores Kannas, EBCI’s Clinical Research Nurse & Patient Navigator, at 425-444-2215 M-TH 9:30a-3:30p pst or via our Patient/Caregiver Inquiry Form HERE.  You may also reach us via email at

Helping patients personalize cancer treatments, increase positive outcomes and extend time in remission. Since 2011, StoreMyTumor has been a trusted tumor preservation service for cancer centers worldwide.  StoreMyTumor specializes in collecting, processing, and storing viable tumor for all types of cancers. Having viable tumor helps patients take advantage of the most personalized treatments and leading-edge diagnostics.

Every tumor is unique and contains important information critical to the treatment. However, tumors are not preserved alive by hospitals; instead, they are routinely discarded. Patients can store tissue collected from a surgery or biopsies, or fluid from ascites drainage (paracentesis). For more information, please call 267-702-5501 or visit them at

For a FREE Resource Guide from Store My Tumor, please click here. This free guide covers:

  • Going beyond the standard of care
  • Why we store LIVE cancer cells
  • Sensitivity Testing
  • Genetic Profiling
  • Personalized Cancer Vaccines
  • Cellular Immunotherapy
  • How the process works




Please click HERE for a StoreMyTumor Fact Sheet!



With Agios, people living with cancer and rare genetic diseases are at the center of everything they do and every decision they make. They are guided by a deep-rooted commitment to creating treatment options that make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives and fundamentally change the way cancer and rare genetic diseases are treated.

At Agios, their focus is on people and culture which comes from OSOP (Other Side of Possible) philosophy where employees are empowered to work together to accomplish something extraordinary while keeping the patient at the center of every decision they make.

To learn more about their Commitment to Patients, Investigational Medicines, Clinical Trials, IDH Mutations in Cancer, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, various Patient Resources, and a list of their Medicines; please visit them at for more information.