Affordable Care Act Registration Deadline: Deadline

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Like most of you, we are concerned about the upcoming roll out of Affordable Healthcare dubbed “Obamacare”. The difficulties with getting the online registration process was well publicized for months and months. At this point the registration process is expected to end on Monday, March 31st.

Registration Woes

We at the Chris Elliott Fund, have heard from a number of people in several states who are experiencing breakdowns in connecting with the statewide market places as well as the Federal website, We’ve experienced jammed phone lines as well. As reported by CNN today, the deadline is expected to be extended.

Our Best Advice

Try to begin your registration right away. This extension is meant to address the challenges fo those with “special circumstances” (like brain cancer) as well as people who have tried but have not been able to complete the process. We would love to hear from you about your personal experience with Obamacare.

What is your best advice? Have you successfully navigated the marketplace? Lets get the conversation started, leave your experience in the comments below!

If you are a brain cancer or brain tumor patient and have specific question about navigating the system or the Affordable Care Act, leave us a message today or give us a call at 1-800-57-5703.