Dellann just completed a compelling interview with Laura Martin from the award winning British documentary company Love Productions. They are putting together a documentary on “Death With Dignity”. As we all know, this is a very controversial law, accessible in only 3 states so far. Dellann’s viewpoint on this matter?

“I personally believe all humans should have access to “Death with Dignity” when a terminal illness is diagnosed. What I want to caution all of us about, and why I agreed to do this interview in the first place, is that I do not want to see those newly diagnosed brain illness/cancer patients just jumping into Death with Dignity before they’ve been made aware of their options. It is SO imperative that the newly diagnosed be A) treated by a brain tumor specialist at an actual brain tumor center and B) create a “Plan B” for when the brain cancer/tumor returns if current Standard Treatment/Standard Protocol does not create survivors. Currently, those that are surviving this disease are those that are seeking out IMMEDIATE ACCESS to advanced treatment options and Clinical Trials. When and if the time comes…where there are truly no more options for advanced treatments and one’s quality of life is no longer “good”, then all should have access to “Death with Dignity.”

DellannElliott Mydland

A Message from Love Productions: We would be very grateful to hear from anyone who wants to find out more or who is willing to share their experience on this subject.   All conversations would be 100% confidential and not for broadcast.  Please contact me on [email protected], be sure to say you heard about this project through the Chris Elliott Fund.