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Direct Connect Program

Building HOPE and Empowering Brain Cancer Patients through Direct Interaction

Often it’s a major health crisis that leads to a diagnosis of brain cancer. Already in shock, they hear the words that will change their lives forever: “it’s cancer.” Where do they go and where can they turn for help? It’s at this moment, that the EndBrainCancer Initiative is there to guide patients and their families throughout this journey. Our model is based on experience and is supported by research. Brain cancer creates uniquely challenging problems and patients suffer from greater dependency and hopelessness than other cancer patients. Thus a holistic model for direct interaction was developed that creates the connection which truly makes a difference.

The “Direct Connect” Program is the way that the EndBrainCancer Initiative intervenes and supports connecting brain cancer patients to the best options possible for treatment. Below is the process that we utilize for this.

Resource & Partner Identification

The EndBrainCancer Initiative first identifies and then accrues patients for a select group of specialists, clinics, clinical trials, treatment providers, researchers, etc.

Public & Private Network Information Development

The EBCI has established a public web site and an internal database where key resource partners are highlighted with both general overviews and precise detail.

Public Awareness & Outreach

Through writing articles in Cure Magazine and Onclive, social media publishing, web site, email, public awareness campaigns, collaboration with other brain cancer organizations and initiatives, participation in support groups, etc. the EBCI conveys its core messaging to the public.

Patient Inquiry Response & Education

The EBCI currently receives over 7,000 inquiries / opportunities for engagement per month. To meet that demand, we have established an automated communication platform that includes our web site, email system, and phone system that helps facilitate initial responses/connection and establishes the foundation for the Direct Connect Intake process.

Direct Connect Patient Coordinator Team Assignment

EBCI’s existing staff works with existing and new patients. We provide individualized and personal engagement through our Call Center and in person support. We are growing our staff and volunteer team nationwide to meet the high demand for services and need for active and crisis intervention, intake, and expeditious connections.

Direct Connect Intake Process

The EBCI Direct Connect Intake process is an art and science, requiring strong social skills, compassion, patience and wisdom. EBCI staff spend several hours talking to patients and families helping them to understand their situation and take next steps. Here is the 5 Step Process…
  • Create a personal connection with the patient and his or her family;
  • Assure him or her of our commitment and convey that there is HOPE;
  • Assess the physical, emotional, and social aspects of the situation through defined questions and answers;
  • Develop Patient Empowerment Plan. The PEP includes helping the patient to take proactive steps related to their diagnosis of brain cancer.
  • Pre-qualify and accrue patients to specialists, brain cancer centers, clinical trials, etc. Facilitate communication & coordination.

Patient Empowerment Plan (P.E.P.)

The Patient Empower Plan is our way of connecting the patients and their families to top specialists and centers, advanced treatments, and investigational trials.

Follow Through

EBCI continues personal contact, counsel & coordination throughout the process.


Enhancing patient outcomes by expanding FDA-approved treatment modalities and fueling research in the pharma/bio/life sciences, device & diagnostic industries and by closing the existing GAP from initial diagnosis to IMMEDIATE AND EXPANDED ACCESS to specialists, researchers, advanced & innovative treatments, clinical trials and critical care with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes through updating and improving WHO & NCCN Guidelines and clinical practices related to Standard of Care for brain cancer patients.

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