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Closing the Gap

The EndBrainCancer Initiative | Chris Elliott Fund is dedicated to closing the GAP to advanced treatment and clinical trial participation, and to providing HOPE to brain tumor patients and their families nationally. Our goal is to extend lives, increase Survivorship, and improve Quality of Life for patients nationally through quickly connecting patients with our network of regional experts in Brain Tumor Treatment & Research across the U.S. and to the best and most advanced treatment options available. We believe that IMMEDIATE ACCESS for patients with brain and other cancers where there is no effective standard treatment protocol, clinical trials, studies and advanced treatments offer the best HOPE for survival. Yet, fewer than 10% of patients across all cancers enroll in clinical trials and therefore are effectively denied access to new and potentially life-extending and life-saving treatments. For researchers, this means that promising new treatments take a lot longer and are much more expensive to bring to market than they would be otherwise. We intend to accelerate this process by prequalifying patients for clinical trials, studies and advanced treatments, therefore accelerating research.

Reshaping the Healthcare Delivery Process

  • Direct Connect Program. IMMEDIATELY connecting brain tumor patients and their families to:
    • Top Brain Tumor Neurosurgeons, Neuro-oncologists and Specialists across the U.S.
    • Advanced treatments including immunotherapy, vaccines, medical devices
    • Clinical trials and studies
    • Genomic profiling and testing of tumor tissue for personalized genomic therapy
    • A 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinion
  • Pre-qualifying patients for clinical trials, studies and advanced treatment: Thereby reducing the cost & length of clinical trials for researchers and patients and providing opportunities for translational treatments to reach patients faster than current FDA practice.
  • Creating Survivors: Brain tumors are the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in 19-year olds and younger children. Presently with current standards of treatment, very few adults survive Glioblastoma, the most common and deadly of brain cancers. We are striving to create more survivors by providing IMMEDIATE ACCESS to clinical trials, studies and advanced treatment.
  • Changing the Conversation: So that patients and their families know what to IMMEDIATELY ask upon diagnosis. This results in patients getting IMMEDIATE ACCESS to top brain tumor neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists at top brain tumor centers.
  • Improving Population Health: By breaking down the barriers of access to the BEST options for brain cancer intervention and treatment, EBCI seeks to improve the overall population health through greater projected longevity and survivorship rates while fueling research. Moreover, we seek to ensure equal access to clinical trials for minority populations.

PROBLEM: Too many people diagnosed with a brain tumor remain in their local hospital for 1st Surgery. They are NOT treated at or by:

  • Brain Tumor Center
  • NCI Designated Cancer Center
  • A top Brain Tumor Neurosurgeon, Neuro-Oncologist or Brain Tumor Specialist

The Impact

We’ve demonstrated that IMMEDIATE ACCESS and connections to brain tumor specialists leads to advanced treatment, clinical trials, and critical care – this is how we extend and save lives. 700,000 people are living with a brain tumor in the United States and nearly 70,000 new cases of primary brain tumors will be diagnosed this year. By reaching just 6.8% of newly-diagnosed patients, we intend to change the standard of care to include DNA/genomic profiling/therapy, MGMT protein testing, medical devices, immunotherapy, vaccines, etc. and bring Phase 0 studies and advanced treatment into the mainstream.

Making the Connection

If you are a brain cancer patient, caregiver, family member or friend, we are here to help you throughout your journey. We can help with things such as setting appointments, a Second Opinion, Advanced Treatment, Clinical Trials, and access to top specialists. We are here for you. Contact our Care Coordinator Team: 425-444-2215 | [email protected] Inquiries & responses to brain tumor patients and their families via phone, email, website portal, online support groups, Facebook, Twitter, and in person.

EndBrainCancer Initiative Partnerships

GOAL: Create Survivors Through IMMEDIATE ACCESS and Changing the Standard of Care