A “critical mass” of brain cancer treatment clinical trial activity and resources needs to be gathered in the Greater Puget Sound area. Those trials must be supported and populated with prequalified patients to accelerate the research and development of effective treatments.

To facilitate this solution and meet these objectives the EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI) is launching an initiative to bring more clinical trials of brain cancer treatments to the greater Puget Sound area, and then further support this solution by recruiting and placing qualified patients. When executed, the “Hopeless to HOPE” initiative will embody EBCI’s multi-year strategy to facilitate the formation of a networked consortium of brain cancer research players in the Greater Puget Sound area consisting of researchers, medical centers specializing in brain cancer, philanthropists, and other key players. 

See below for a few key points as presented by Dellann Elliott Mydland, President and CEO, at the regional Life Science Innovation Northwest conference in April 2019 and EBCI’s annual Education, Awareness & Action Dinner held in May 2019.

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