Effecting Change

From the day it was founded in 2002, the EndBrainCancer Initiative | Chris Elliott Fund has been dedicated to changing how brain cancer is treated and to offering HOPE to brain cancer patients and their families while advancing science.

  • 2002-2007: provided the seed research money that led to the discovery that Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is not 1 disease but a subclass of 2 diseases.
  • Funded research that identified and prioritized the genes that cause GBM which inspired a multi-center effort across the U.S. to determine the alterations in all human cancers.
  • Advocated on issues of national public health policy including FDA approval for new treatment devices, reimbursement for new treatment options and proper coding.
  • 2015: launched the EndBrainCancer Initiative, a nation-wide collaborative of industry leaders, research scientists and leading physicians to change the clinical trial process and focus on immunotherapy, vaccines, Phase 0 clinical trials and personalized medicine.

A Growing Need for our Services Nationally

Fueled by CEF’s enhanced national online presence, Patient Support Services & Call Center, growing reputation, and strategic partnerships, demand for our services has grown tenfold to 7200+ inquiries per month. As we shift from the Chris Elliott Fund to the EndBrain-Cancer Initiative and grow capacity, we expect to expand and serve 4800 patients/families annually. The program will serve adult and pediatric patients.

Below is a slide show detailing the strategy and priorities of the End Brain Cancer Initiative. The slides will advance automatically. If you wish to stop a slide to read it, simply hover over it with your mouse. Click the arrow keys (or use your keyboard arrows) to advance to the next slide or return to the previous one.

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