The Chris Elliott Fund is pleased to announce the success of two awareness and fundraising events for the Chris Elliott Fund in October, 2012. Florida based Turning Up the Heat on Brain Tumors and Tri-Cities, WA based Zombie Walk for Brain Cancer were made possible by 100% volunteer effort and support, and demonstrate the tremendous impact passion and hard work can do for a cause.

The two fundraisers planned through local, volunteer support, reinforce that making a difference can come in many shapes and sizes. Florida based Turning up the Heat on Brain Tumors and the Tri-cities Zombie Walk, Zombie walk for Brain Cancer in Richland, WA together raised over $2,100 and extended much needed awareness and education to the events combined 400+ attendees. They are now trying to find some fundraising sites for schools for their next event. Since so much money was raised, they are keen to do it again soon!

With this disease “awareness is key, it is a severely underfunded and unknown disease, the more people know about it the more can be done to find appropriate forms of care, research, and solutions to these swift diseases.” Says Dellann Eliott who started the Chris Elliott Fund in a similar way, identifying ways she could make a difference, garnering support and working towards an important cause. With there being team fundraising ideas to check out, for example, options to set up a GoFundMe page to ask for donations or doing something as simple as setting up a bake sale, there are many ways that people can raise money for charity and help others in need.

Both events are made possible by the great volunteers but they also bring a great deal of fun to their communities in a unique way. Either being able to get professional make-up done to look like a zombie horde from The Walking Dead or concocting a “Swamp Soup” for a chili competition, these events are a lot of fun and still bring attention to a really important cause. Both event coordinators are excited about the enthusiasm of their participants and are looking forward to next year’s events.

“The efforts these individuals are showing are fantastic and so crucial to our work in gaining awareness and education to ALL patients affected by this disease, as being one of the nations growing providers for patient resources on brain cancer, we are constantly striving enable individuals to have the right information to make the right decisions on this aggressive, swift and non-discriminating disease.”

The Winning Chili!

Dellann began her work at the Chris Elliott Fund in much the same way these events have, identifying a place for an important cause and doing something about it. 10 and a half years later, the Chris Elliott Fund continues to make vital contributions to brain cancer research and being one of the nations leading resources for brain cancer patient support–providing all services free of charge.

The Chris Elliott Fund would like to thank the event coordinators Cindy Rogalski of Florida and Oliver Posenauer & Dannelle Meyers of Tri-cities for all of their tremendous hard work and support of the Chris Elliott Fund!

If you are interested in learning more about the work Cindy, Oliver, Danni or the Chris Elliott Fund are doing, or would like to start your own Chili Cook-off or Zombie Walk, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chris Elliott Fund at [email protected] or leave a comment below!

You can find more information about these events at:

Turning Up the Heat on Brain Tumors

Zombie Walk for Brain Cancer — Tri-cities: Blog or Facebook

What are your fundraising ideas to raise brain cancer awareness? Let us know in the comments below!