Sheila Lang nominated her father Frank Vinson Sr. Frank was 79 when his son Lynn was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. Sheila is nominating Frank  for caregiver of the month for his courageous and perpetual support for their brain tumor warrior. Every weekday “Frank would drive 30 miles to take care of his son. Frank did all the care for him, bathing him, feeding, and taking care of his every need” said Sheila.

“He never complained about having to take care of his 57 year old son that was battling GBM. As he slowly watched his son lose his independence he never complained. Frank wanted to do everything possible for Lynn, besides cooking for him, bathing him, lifting him in and out of his wheel chair, he even helped some health and home hospice do their routine daily duties and the girls enjoyed his help. Frank never complained, he really enjoyed building that father son relationship during Lynn’s last months.”

“There is not another selfless father I know that deserves this more than Frank.” Unfortunately Frank and Sheila lost Lynn to GBM in July of 2011. Something that lives on with Sheila and Frank is the unbelievable nature of their brain cancer warrior, Lynn, who never once complained and just stated “God is good all the time.”

Frank’s selflessness did not stop with the care of his son Lynn. Shortly after Lynn’s passing Frank’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and he is continuing to care care of her and fortunately she has been cancer free for the past few months.

We are honored and happy to share Frank, Sheila and Lynn’s story with you. His selfless support and care for their brother is one of many stories we know are out there doing amazing daily work they do for those they care for. Frank is truly and inspiration.

Sheila nominated Frank Sr. as part of our campaign to recognize all of the amazing work caregivers are doing during National Caregiver Month. To see a list of caregivers and their stories search our blog for the tag “National Caregiver Month 2013” or use this link.

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