A few months ago I learned that Dr. Oz, (I’m a big fan), featured Ovarian Cancer on his show. That’s a wonderful thing. I’m wondering when brain cancers like GBM will get that type of national attention and a national sponsor like L’Oreal. The statistics of Ovarian Cancer are about par with brain cancer. Low incidence rates with low survival rates.

Arguably brain cancer, especially GBM, is more deadly. Everyday I receive more and more calls from patients or their loved ones needing help navigating the rocky road of GBM treatment.  More people are getting the news—60 people heard those words today—you have brain cancer. A CEF supporter who lost his daughter to GBM has a client who lost her husband to GBM and his colleague’s brother is losing his battle. That’s in one small American city. Three different people randomly brought together by one of the deadliest diseases on earth. What are the chances? Despite wonderful progress with genetic testing, clinical trials, identifying the genes that cause brain cancer; it’s still the orphan cancer.

That’s why CEF will soon embark on a national public awareness campaign to end brain cancer.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Jean Smart, Emmy Award winning actress and CEF board member, filming a series of PSA about brain cancer. They are in the can!

Now we’re going grassroots with our message. End Brain Cancer! We’re asking you to join us in this movement. We’re hoping a national sponsor will emerge too.

Some of you may have seen our PSAs already on our Facebook Fan Page or YouTube. I’ll share one with you again. It’s so exciting to finally bring brain cancer onto the national stage! Please share this with your family, friends, networks, and connections.

Jean says it so eloquently…“together we can bring an end to brain cancer.” I couldn’t agree more.