We at the Chris Elliott Fund are excited to announce the ending of a huge year for brain cancer education, awareness advocacy and support (and check out our year end press release HERE). We sent 2012 off with a bang adding several new programs and expanding several old programs. We are also taking huge steps in 2013 towards organizational growth. Below is what we did in 2012 and what we hope to do in 2013:

2012: Patient & Caregiver Database Growth with New Educational Conference

This year was very productive for CEF continuing old projects, taking on new opportunities and expanding its services and outreach to an even greater length:

  • Taking on a larger patient database after the National Brain Tumor Society appointed the Chris Elliott Fund as the “National Voice” for Brain Cancer Patients in September of 2011
  • A successful Brains Matter Education and Awareness Patient and Caregiver Conference
  • Welcomed several fundraising efforts from Richland, WA to Orlando, FL to New Orleans, LA
  • Continued partnership with the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk, with new partner and brain cancer survivor David Heyting and Maria Barrett’s Warriors4Dad
  • Successful Signature Events: the 2nd Annual  Brains Matter Awareness and Celebration Luncheon with New Day NW’s Margaret Larson and CEF board member John Curley and 11th Annual  Chris Elliott Fund Celebrity Golf Tournament
  • Expansion of CEF’s medical advisory board
  • Attendance at the Society of Neuro-Oncologists Annual Conference and the LIVESTRONG & Genentech REV Forum

2013: The Year of the Rockstar Patient Advocate

There are big plans coming for the Chris Elliott Fund in 2013 including expansion of educational opportunities to keep brain cancer patients and caregivers informed on all things related to brain cancer treatment and care as well as spreading awareness to enable even more brain cancer Patient Advocacy Rockstars! Some things to happen in 2013 include:

  • The brand new Brains Matter Webinar Series, an educational opportunity for brain cancer patients and caregivers. Register for our Jan. 17th Webinar with Dr. Greg Foltz today!
  • 4 Awareness videos released through 2013
  • A series of factsheets on brain cancer and brain tumor treatment and care
  • Offer the 2nd Annual Brains Matter Educational Conference
  • Partner with the Glassy Baby Roadshow at JM Cellars
  • Expansion of the Chris Elliott Fund board and medical advisory board
  • Expansion to new offices in Redmond, WA
  • Seek major donor capacity build-out and capital funding to build new full time positions like an executive director, development coordinator, executive assist, program director and grant writer

CEF is making huge changes in the coming year, growing and expanding their capacity to provide patient and caregiver support to an even greater number of people and increase their role in the patient and caregiver community to ultimately #EndBrainCancer!

Also, be sure to share our new Facebook Album to honor all brain tumor Warriors, those who have fought and those who are still fighting. Keep expanding our album and share photos of your Warrior loved ones and friends!

We would like to thank all of our supporters from throughout 2012 and look forward to another big year with you in 2013.