Have you ever wondered how research, diseases, CURES come about in our world? Take Glioblastoma Brain Cancer for example–how come people wonder why Glioblastoma is under funded that there is not enough awareness… and how many of you would know what to do today if you or a loved one were diagnosed with GBM…but when others wonder why the disease is moving forward at a slower pace, let’s say to breast cancer, and you ask them how much they have given in regards to money for research for brain cancer, and they suddenly have nothing to say. It’s interesting, the Chris Elliott Fund is run by volunteers. Just think what we could do with funding. So at this rate, we are working 12-16 hour days, and relying on volunteers to get the simple things done like sending out a letter, mailing awareness bracelets to patient outreach volunteers, printing out materials to build awareness, and at the same time setting up meetings with key decisions makers so they understand what advanced brain tumor treatment is, and answering the 15-20 inquiries that come in everyday asking for help and assistance. Each request takes numerous hours to fulfill and facilitate. If we had funding, we could do so much more. Many people ask me again and again, how can we do more? You can all do more by donating a small amount, 10.00 dollars or 20.00 to brain cancer. It doesn’t have to go to the Chris Elliott Fund. It could go to a place where you feel it should go, and that’s all good. The point is, please take action and don’t expect this disease to progress in regards to research and awareness if research and awareness does not receive the funds in order to beat this disease. It doesn’t even have to be a large amount, even the smallest donations can help to make a difference to the research and awareness of brain cancer. You could even donate the money that you receive from selling these custom pins that could be unique to the Chris Elliott Fund or to other charities that are helping the fight against brain cancer. You know that the Chris Elliott Fund leads the country in regards to building awareness for this disease.

We have to have funds in order to give to research. We have to have funds in order to pay professionals and not always rely on volunteers who already have a fulltime job. We have to have funds to make a difference, and I am quite passionate about this issue.

People ask me all the time, why isn’t there more being done. I have to say, I am doing all I can with myself and with my volunteers, and the next question is have you given lately? It all starts with each and every one of us to end this disease.

If you feel like helping and partnering with the Chris Elliott Fund, because you have decided after clever and thorough investigation that this is the charity you have chosen, the charity or fund that can make a difference with this disease, then here are a few links for you to take action:


Commercial PSA link with Jean Smart below.