We are so excited to share this with you. The Chris Elliott Fund has now become The Elliott Foundation! We are starting 2012 with an expanded vision, a new name, and a new look.


All of the rebranding and what we call our “capacity build out” project is designed to help us reach more brain tumor patients and caregivers and to take The Elliott Foundation (TEF) to a world-class level as a national resource for patient education and advocacy.


Many of you know that the National Brain Tumor Society (NBST) has transitioned their organization out of providing day-to-day patient support services in order to focus on funding research. The NBTS has asked us to “built out” our Patient Support Services Program so that 10s of thousands of patients and caregivers that have accessed NBTS for education, assistance, and guidance can now be served through The Elliott Foundation.


After 10 years, I am so proud to report that it was due to the reputation and work of the Chris Elliott Fund that NBTS recognized us as the one organization to take on the national task of reaching more brain cancer patients and caregivers with life-saving information and treatment.


The NBTS has setup a temporary phone line and resource while TEF takes the necessary time to build out our services. We are “full throttle” in this task and need your help. Here is what has to happen:

1. Hire our first full time Health Information Specialist (HIS), $65,000

2. Add a Development Director, $45,000

3. Add two more fulltime HIS staff this year to handle added patient services with a goal of serving over 1,000 patient inquiries and calls per month by the end of 2012

4. Hire a CEO as I transition into my role as President & Spokesperson for The Elliott Foundation


It’s a big “to-do” list, but absolutely necessary if we are to EndBrainCancer in our lifetime. Please join me with your support during this time of historic growth for The Elliott Foundation.


Many thanks to Vick Pene

Several years ago, we put out an SOS volunteer post for a professional graphic designer via VolunteerMatch.com.  We were so lucky to have Vicki Pene, an award-winning graphic artist, answer our needs. Vicki is the FAB graphic designer who created our original “EndBrainCancer” logo and who is the artist behind our new national logo as well.  Vicki also has a personal connection (or two) to brain cancer. Her website is www.visualitydesigns.com

To view/download our new logos, click here or here.

All the best,

Dellann Elliott,

President & CEO

The Chris Elliott Fund/The Elliott Foundation