A wish is simply an idea, but what makes it so different is when you take a little bit of action, a simple wish suddenly becomes something much greater, it becomes real, and is no longer a dream, wish or idea that lives in an intangible realm—it now is capable of living with us, in our reality.  When is the separation point for an idea or a wish, and something that is real or becomes real.  My husband had a wish one day, he wanted me to do something for brain cancer; he wanted me to make a difference and help end this disease, it was a wish, and a big one.  We all have ideas in our heads, some of them are better than others, but it is not for us to decipher which one’s are good or great, but to take action on all of them and see which one’s grow and become something bigger, maybe something bigger than we could have ever imagined.  It is our creative self that makes us unique, and separates us from others.  It is our actions that take wishes and dreams, and propel them into our own plane, the plane in which we wish them to reside, and without action, they stay in some other world, where we can never touch them, but simply wish upon a star, and hope someday that they become real.

I love a full bodied wine, rich with tanins and extracts of flavors and aromas that send me to other places, countries, travels, journies and all for the pure enjoyment of a sip or two, and sometimes I mirror these images with a wish or dream or something that I really enjoy or that I want as a part of my reality.  So, do we want glass, a case, a cellar, or an entire vineyard?  In case you didn’t know, I want the entire vineyard.

I am inspired everyday by my husband’s wish, to do something about this disease and ensure that a wish doesn’t stay inside the stars, but comes down here and becomes a reality, and plays in our world, and changes our world for the better.  This is why I do what I do everyday for patients worldwide.  I would like to give them the vineyard, the vineyard that was given to me through action, perseverance, and never taking no for an answer.  I don’t want to give back the glass, or a taste, a sip or two here and there, I want them all to have the vineyard–to know and taste what it is like to make your dreams and wishes become real.  It takes work, yes–it takes passion, yes–it takes love, yes—and most of all—you have to believe.   Don’t ever doubt yourself, and don’t ever think that you are alone.  Many of us have wishes, all of us have wishes, but only a few make the decision to believe in them and act on them.  You will be so surprised how many others will stand by your side, and help you pull down your wish from the sky, and make it real one.

If you do one thing tonight, please take one moment to manifest an idea or wish you may have, and wake up tomorrow, and take one step towards planting that seed, give it some water, some care, a little sunlight and as Gallileo said “a good wine is sunlight held together by water”–believe and take action and pull your wish down from the sky, and bring it here beside you, and share it with the rest of the world.

If you are inspired with a wish or a dream, please reach out to us, and let us help you plant your first seed, and we can grow your vineyard together.