Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work directly with a celebrity? More importantly to me, have you ever wondered what its like to work joinly with a celebrity on a TV Public Service Announcement awareness campaign, designed for NATIONAL AWARENESS, about something that is equally vital and important to both of you? I will share more about this, but first, I want to take a moment to explain that this is what CEF’s FEBRUARY FUND DRIVE is all about. We don’t simply ask for donation $’s for  silly and unimportant reasons.  We are asking for donation $’s to help SAVE LIVES via AWARENESS.  If you have not yet taken the opportunity to donate $10 or more to the Chris Elliott Fund for this NATIONAL AWARENESS CAMPAIN, please do so now.  Go to www.ChrisElliottFund.org and click on the donate button!  We need your help and your $’s to launch this campaign.

 The Smart family has requested that tributes in memory to Georgia Smart be made to the CEF and that all support our efforts to educate and create awareness about this disease as well as our efforts to fund research for a cure.  If for no other reason than this request, please consider making a donation TODAY.   THANK YOU.  Those of you who know me, know that I work very hard to help save lifes of those about to be diagnosed with brain cancer or those who will be diagnosed.  I am happy and saddened at the same time to tell you about my new AWARENESS partner, emmy award winning actress, Jean Smart

My recent experience and the reason that I want to share it is because TODAY, I am feeling particularly GRATEFUL to a kind, funny, real and warm lady that I now call “friend”,  Jean Smart. At the same time, I am sad and  feeling her and her family’s pain and again, wishing that I could have saved another brain tumor patient’s life.  Georgia Smart, Jean’s sister, recently passed away from her Glioblastoma brain tumor.  Through the CEF, I am so lucky to meet so many people that I would not normally meet.  One of those special people was none other than Georgia Smart.  I will always remember her laugh and her love for her lipstick and I will always hear her say “A Gal’s Got to Have Her Lipstick”.  I am so smiling right now as I write this and remember Georgia.  Georgia, you will be missed by MANY.  I KNOW you are in excellent company with some of my and CEF’s  friends in heaven who have also lost their lives to brain cancer.  I am forever grateful to have met you and I will continue to fight for you as well as for so many others.

I’d like to take this opportunity THANK Jean Smart for reaching out to me so many many months ago for my and the Chris Elliott Fund’s (CEF) help when her sister, Georgia, was diagnosed with brain cancer. I only wish we could have done more and since that time, I have learned so much more about this disease and exactly what to do when one is diagnosed and even BEFORE one or one’s loved ones are diagnosed. These topics are for another BLOG post for another time….

Last Monday was a day like no other that I had experienced before.   Jean drove herself to my home, hair in curlers, carrying an extra outfit, ready to do whatever the Chris Elliott Fund needed her to do.  I love her attititude!  She was ready to work and was ready to fight this disease by working many long hours in front of a production/camera crew and cut eight TV PSA’s to drive awareness and bring this disease out of the shadows and into the light of AWARENESS and HOPE!  THANK YOU Jean.

I often refer to Jean as my “sister’ and sometimes, I just have to say “pinch me” while at the same time, realizing that it is under very difficult circumstances that Jean has come into my and the Chris Elliott Fund’s life…..I will BLOG about my experiences with Jean last Monday shooting TV PSA’s as well as why I call Jean my “sister” tomorrow as there is a new brain tumor patient asking for our help that I need to work with.

Please join me in expressing my sincerest symposthies, blessings and love to Jean and the entire Smart Family while wishing them much strength.  Blessings, Dellann Elliott, President & CEO, Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research