Kevin Baumann
Nominated by his mom, Cynthia Baumann

Kevin was diagnosed on July, 3, 2000 at Massachusetts General Hospital with a Grade 3 Anapladtic Olidridendroglioma Left Parietal Occipital, Grade 3 at the age of 27 years. Surgery, was immediate, followed by a 3 Drug Chemo PCV, and Radiation.

Kevin has 2 children, David and Rachel, who were 3 and 9 months st the time. He also has a step-daughter with Autism and his incredibly sensitive, committed wife, Sharon Baumann. This family was stopped in their tracks thinking this boy had 18 months to live with aggressive treatment. We began a journey of Hope, we fought, we prayed and we cried. I, his MOM, kissss his head everyday.

Brain Tumors changes the person afflicted, surgery removes certain functions we learned to understand, life becomes a little more precious. Kevin changed his course of life. He became a warrior, did not work for 6 years, he believed and became a new person. He did not work, he was in treatment, adding, both he and his wife and family became stronger, closer, we focused on hope. He had faith and a sense if humor and hope. His children David and Rachel were loved a little bit more, they too adapted and learned about Brain Tumors. His wife Sharon, myself, his family, his doctors, all focused on living. Surgery, chemo Radiation, th mask, the Vincristine drug precisely put in his veins.

The courage, determination, knowkedge if Dr. Tracy Batchelor, Director of NeuroOncoligy at MGH guided us. Kevin today after a recurrance and seizures, a year of Temodar is courage, order, determination, focused and a hero. Those babies, David went on to be an Eagle Scout, graduating in the top percent of his STEM Honors Program, he is on a full schlorship at UMass Lowell. Rachel is a junior in high school, an A student, and a volunteer at an Animal Shelter in MA for over 2 years.

There are so many reasons as to why many BT Survivors make a difference, all of them worthy. My nomination is to give families HOPE, that stats are not always true, that families are important, that love and loyaly are principled, and God guides the Physicians, who have given this family a second chance at love and life. Kevin has 2 brothers, a Dad who is a stroke survivor, and a Mason. I, his MOM is a survivor of a cerebral aneurysm. Every July 5 th we have a Celebration of Life, we are humbled grateful and proud of this kid, who today is an example of faith.