I consider it a privilege—in my husband’s honor—to do whatever I can to educate, bring awareness, advocate, and raise funds to help find a cure for Glioblastoma brain cancer. And what truly affects me at the heart level is when young children are taken by brain cancer. I believe we cannot stop advocating for a cure, for those with brain cancer and their families, when these aggressive cancers still remain a mystery.

Some facts:

  • Pediatric cancer is the leading disease killer of children 19 years old and younger in the United States
  • 35 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US every day
  • Pediatric cancer encompasses 200 different diagnoses, 120 of which are brain tumors
  • The average age of a child who dies from cancer is 6
  • The average age of a child who dies from a brain tumor is 4
  • For every child, that’s an average of 66-68 years of life lost–nearly 200,000 years of life lost each year*

Pediatric brain tumor funding now in legislative hands

The National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Act is currently working its way through Congress. If passed, this Act would allocate $25 million a year for five years for the FIRST comprehensive research into the causes of brain tumors in children, including genetics, nutrition, the environment, and more. Answers about causes will lead to better treatments and, we hope, prevention.

Let’s make some noise for kids

To get this legislation passed we need your help. As stated by world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Kelly, “Once [a child] is diagnosed with brain cancer, it’s too late.”

Reach out today

That’s why we’re asking you to contact your state Congressperson and Senators to let them know that you want to see this Act made into law. Here is a quick guide for finding out who your legislators are, their phone numbers, and a draft letter or e-mail to get into their hands – it’s quick and easy.

To talk with someone further about how you can help, please contact the folks at Mira’s Movement, a pediatric cancer advocacy organization, at [email protected] or (607) 319-4804.

Thank you!

Dellann Elliott
President & CEO
Chris Elliott Fund

*Source: US Mortality Files, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 2004 Life Tables