The diagnosis of brain cancer is frightening. I know personally the gut wrenching fear that hits you when you hear that diagnosis. But it’s the question of “what next?” that is also so difficult. Dealing with a myriad of decisions places patients and their loved ones in a very vulnerable and stressful place.


Brain cancer waits for no one, and unfortunately access to information about advanced treatments, the vital need for genetic testing of a tumor, and insurance options that can help you like Curo Financial are NOT standard protocol.


That is why The Elliott Foundation (formally The Chris Elliott Fund) developed the nationally recognized Integrative Patient Support Program (IPSP) as a way to provide the most advanced and credible information about treatment, comprehensive support, and insurance.


We do this at no cost to patients, loved ones, and their caregivers as well as maintain our free day-to-day patient support services nationally that include a live person on the other end of the phone, email and via social media and directly assist 300-500/mos. through this method in our offices located in Redmond, WA.


Last year alone, 406 patients and 259 caregivers received individual and comprehensive support at Seattle’s Swedish Neuroscience Institute’s Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment. This included 2,554 individual contacts with the Integrative Care Specialist for both patients and family members.


Approximately 52% of that time is spent providing emotional support, psychotherapy and mind/body therapies including hypnotherapy. The combination of these methods can help address fear, anxiety and depression in an effective way. Patients and or loved ones have option of short term or ongoing psychotherapeutic support through IPSP.


Our dedicated Integrative Care Specialist spends 37% of their time advocating for patients on insurance and financial issues. This includes helping people navigate intricate health benefits, assisting people with no health insurance and Medicaid, and helping the under insured access programs to supplement the cost of their health care.


These services cost The Elliott Foundation $75,000 annually and are free to any brain cancer patient and their caregivers because of generous donations from people like you.


If you or someone you know has been helped through The Elliott Foundation, please consider a donation of $100 to support this vital program, and help us expand our services by providing a lead or introduction to an individual or company that would want to support brain cancer patients.


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