Hi Dellann, I’ve been listening to your radio talk show from January 4th. I wanted to let you know that their write up has the wrong date listed for your tour of the Ivy Brain Center and Cyber Knife you mentioned. It says January 19th vs January 16th. We actually have an appt with Dr. Foltz at 1:30pm that day (16th) there! So… I’m hoping we can meet you (my mom and dad too). I’m hoping that we can tour the lab as well, if Dad’s up to it. Thanks so much again for all of your time talking with me this past week! You DO such an important job and as I sit and listen to your talk show and reflect upon our conversations, I see your drive to get this information out to people BEFORE they’ve passed that vital stage of surgery. I was lucky… I had researched Dr. Foltz and the Ivy Center ahead of time, so we were fortunate. I’m completely in agreement of the NEED to get the word out to people before they’ve lost the options that would have otherwise been available to them! I hope I can help in some way down the road. Let me know how I can help. I’m on my computer a lot researching and would love to help however I can. It’s so exciting to hear about the National Brain Cancer Society news too! That’s amazing. I don’t know how you do it all… Amazing! Maria Barrett