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Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leading innovative and rare disease pharmaceutical company with a focus on the therapeutic areas of rheumatology, auto-immune disease, specialty oncology, allergy, and pediatric diseases.

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They have a strong North American commercial platform and currently operate through two unique segments: Medexus Pharma Canada and Medexus Pharma USA.

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Gleolan is an optical imaging agent indicated in patients with glioma (suspected World Health Organization Grades III and IV on preoperative imaging) as an adjunct for the visualization of malignant tissue during surgery.


For Healthcare Professionals

The first and only FDA-Approved optical imaging agent that enhances visualization of malignant tissue for a more complete resection.

For Patients & Caregivers

Ask your neurosurgeon to see your tumor more clearly with Gleolan. (Patient Resources)
Gleolan Provides Specific Tumor Fluorescence in High-Grade Glioma
How Does Gleolan Work?
Neurosurgeons have several tools that are helpful for locating tumors during surgery; these tools provide information that allows for removal of as much tumor tissue as possible. For your surgery, your neurosurgeon may recommend the use of Gleolan.

Gleolan is an oral solution that you will drink 3 hours (between 2 to 4 hours) before you receive anesthesia for your surgery. It contains aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride (ALA HCl). With the proper dosage of Gleolan, during the surgery, your neurosurgeon will view the brain through special blue light filters on the surgical microscope. Under this blue light, Gleolan helps the tumor “fluoresce” or glow a red-violet color.

Since non-cancerous brain cells should not glow when using the blue light filters, the neurosurgeon may be able to better distinguish the tumor from normal tissue. This may allow the neurosurgeon to remove more of the tumor tissue, however errors may occur with the use of Gleolan. Sometimes brain tumor cells may fluoresce even if they are not cancerous, or those that are cancerous may not fluoresce. Also, cancer cells from other tumors or areas of swelling may fluoresce.
If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us at or 1-833-GLEOLAN.


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