Photo courtesy of the Fight for Maddie Facebook page

Maddie, photo courtesy of the Fight for Maddie Facebook page

Today we hear from Leah who nominates the parents taking care of their daughter Maddie, a 6-year old girl who fought a tremendous fight with Grade IV Glioblastoma for 21 months. Like all of our caregivers, they show tremendous love, support, and strength for their loved ones. Going out of their way to make sure they receive the best care and support.

Leah, Maddie’s grandmother offered amazing words for her caregiver heroes:

“I have never seen two people that have put so much love and compassion to help their daughter live as normal a life as possible and put all their wants and needs aside to give their daughter everything they possibly could to fulfill a lifetime in only two years.

People are still replying to the Fight for Maddie Fscebook page on how they are so amazed how Patrick and Melanie have cared for their daughter and given her the opportunity to live a lifetime in less than two years. As her caretakers they have had to make decisions no parent should ever have to make, but their decisions have always been what is best for their daughter, even the day she earned her wings.

I have no doubt that God chose Patrick and Melanie to be Maddie’s parents because he knew they would unselfishly give her the care and love she deserved while she battled this monster.”

Maddie’s facebook page is still active and you can see Maddie’s full journey through treatment on their page. Maddie lost her battle with glioblastoma on September 23rd, 2013.

Maddie, Melanie & Patrick courtesy of the FFM Facebook page.

Maddie, Melanie & Patrick courtesy of the FFM Facebook page.

We are honored and proud to share Melanie, Patrick, Maddie and Leah’s story with you. All of the work our caregivers have done and continue to do is inspirational and deserves recognition.

Lean nominated Melanie & Patrick as part of our campaign to recognize all of the amazing work caregivers are doing during National Caregiver Month. To see a list of caregivers and their stories search our blog for the tag “National Caregiver Month 2013” or use this link.

If you are currently undergoing treatment or caring for a loved undergoing brain cancer or brain tumor treatment don’t hesitate to contact the Chris Elliott Fund with your questions or thoughts. We know that caring for a loved one is a demanding journey and should not be done alone. For help in caring for your brain tumor warrior we hope you read through our “My Support Network” information sheet that will help you identify people in your life to help you in your journey. Request your copy here:

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We have also published several informational blog posts for our caregivers over the years as we know they are a key part of a brain tumor patients journey. Here are a few links you may find useful:

Please do not hesitate to contact us about ways we can help. You are not alone.

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts with Melanie, Patrick and Leah using the comments below.