Below is  poem authored by the Denise Howell Team (the force behind Babes Against Brain Cancer) in light of a brain tumor diagnosis. Please offer your comments and thoughts in the comments below.

Miracle Eve


We find ourselves,
On this day,
Searching on the clinical  shelves
Tomorrow may,
show the way,
To how we face,
these trials okay.
How can it be?
All this stuff.
It feels like we’ve had enough.
But, we have no options
We have no choice,
Just Fight to win
And then rejoice.
We will have our time
When everything is fine
But it will take,
all we got
To know how much,
we have fought
For one life,
to be saved
This is the trail,
that was paved
Step by step,
Day by day,
We stand up tall,
And fight to stay.
We are on,
miracle eve,
Only we know,
what’s up our sleeve.
Stand back,
and you can see,
What is coming,
What will be
The greatest of all,
The best ever,
And teach us to never
Never say no, never say why
Always just go, always just fly
Into the sky,
Where miracles go
And continue to know,
That life is short
And We can win,
Just jump on board
And fight to the end!
Live each day,
Like its the last,
Continue to play,
and have a blast.
The next miracle,
could be yours,
Just don’t miss,
the open doors,
Your chance will come
On miracle eve,
The turn will be yours
And ours to leave.
Is it the worst?
Or the best?
We are the first
To take this test.
You may be next,
Are you ready?
If you are not,
Just read this text.

Written on September 6,2013 on the day we were given the opportunity of our
own miracle to happen. This was the day of the diagnosis.