This is a phase II clinical trial using heat shock protein vaccine (HSPPC-96) for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). The trial employs cancer immunotherapy, an important new treatment modality, with HSPPC-96 being a novel approach to active specific immunotherapy. By targeting the immune system and activating a patient specific T-cell response, the vaccine offers a therapy that hopefully targets tumor cells without injury to normal neural and glial structures.

There are only eight medical centers across the country involved in the Heat Shock Protein Vaccine (HSPPC-96) trial including the University of California in San Francisco.

Only patients with an MRI or biopsy that confirms the tumor is a GBM, and who have had no radiation or chemotherapy are eligible.

Only patients who had their tumors partially removed, or who have saved their live brain tumor tissue, can participate because the tumor is used to make the vaccine.